Forty Cars That Owned Me - Partrick J. Nowak - autographed by author

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This is a collection of photos and war stories about forty of the sixty-five cars the author has owned to date. If you enjoyed the "Last Open Road", you will love this book too. There are three Jaguars, an Aston Martin DB-5, a Triumph TR-3B, an Austin Healey Sprite, an Audi 5+5 Pro Rally car, three Lincolns, an old ’53 Nash with a built-in double bed, and most of the domestic brands. There are several road racing Ford Mustangs, the last of which Nowak drove to the 1999 Waterford Hills ITE Class Championship over a field of Chevrolet Corvettes.

Jay Leno is reading the book and personally called to suggest that the book be made available in a leading Los Angeles area bookstore, Autobooks-Aerobooks in Burbank, and now they carry it.

Reader reviews of the book have been strong including one by Tom Rademacher of the Grand Rapids Press. It was recently named “Editor’s Choice” at an online site, and they feature the 1965 Aston Martin DB-5 in an interview with “Agent 007.”

While the book is biographical in nature, the author provides some educational and entertainment value with his brand of "wisdom" on how and where to buy cars, how to sell thirty-one cars in a month working at a Ford dealer, what it takes to win auto races, how to beat a dependency on fermented beverages, and which cars in his experience were great cars to have owned, or been owned by.

In the Epilogue, Nowak lists four cars he would still like to acquire. The include the 1962 Triumph TR-3B, his all time favorite; a 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark V, and two cars currently manufactured: a 2007 Jaguar XJ8L, and a new Superformance Shelby Cobra with a built Ford 351.

For Detroit area enthusiasts, it should be mentioned that Don Ensley of English Motors in Utica and the Waterford Hills Road Racing Course figure prominently in several of the race car chapters. Women find the book interesting as there is a bit of romance here and there.

Finally, the author stresses the need for the "secret sauce" in automotive design, which he defines simply as "outstanding styling with substantial hardware underneath the sheet metal."

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