Cool Your MGA or Spitfire and other LBC's with Cramped Quarters

We all know how hot an MGA or Spitfire (and for that matter all LBC's) tends to run. There are many solutions out there from fan shrouds, Redline Water Wetter to thermostat blanking sleeves. I have tried most of them and have had some success. A couple of years ago on my MGB I installed a 10" Electric Cooling Fan and found that it really worked great. The MGA was still a problem though. I tried the 10" Electric Cooling fan and it just does not fit the MGA correctly. There is not really enough room to mount it and the top of the fan overlapped the top tank allowing precious cooling to be lost.

I was visiting a friend out in LA and he had an 8" fan mounted in his MGA, it looked a bit small on the MGA, but seemed to work well. After a few months of research we found the solution was this powerful 9" electric pusher fan. It fits perfectly over the MGA and Spitfire radiators and gives maximum cooling. It even looks good like it could have been there with the A was made. (had they had electric cooling fans back then.)

Our kit includes the electric fan, mounting kit and adjustable thermostat (we found the fixed stat just does not give as much flexibility. We include the adjustable thermostat in all our fan kits. (10", 12" and 14") So if you worry about overheating and really want to solve the problem order one of these kits today. Add a little Water Wetter for good measure and away you go, safe, sound and COOL!

Many thanks to Rick Astley for his technical assistance.

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