Here is a handy item you should never be without The Bitty Booster Cable. It is small enough to fit in your glove box (if your LBC has one), but can fit just about anywhere and it is heavy enough, 10 gauge, to start your LBC (or any other car too) easily. It comes complete with instructions and a zippered bag with a handle. Our Bitty Booster Cable Set measures nearly 10 feet long and stores in a bag with a diameter of only 7" x 1.5" deep.  You can't miss with one of these in each of your cars, whether it be an LBC or a "Yank Tank" ;)  Recommended for 4 & 6 cylinder sport to mid sized cars.  Order one today from Little British Car Co., for only $10.00.

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Customer Comment on Bitty Booster Cable Set

"I just received my order of the booster cables from your fine company. I must say I was both surprised and pleased with the cables. The wire grade and quality were superb and the connector clamps was very well designed and made. The ends are a great fit to the terminals on the battery of the car and fit very well on the side terminals of the newer batteries.   I am glad I ordered the three sets I did as my son used his the same day. He has a 1977 Triumph Spitfire that is a bit cranky in the cold weather. He connected the cables to his battery and popped the hood on my truck parked right in front of the Spitfire, seconds later he was up and running. The cables provided more than enough to jump-start his car. The power was enough that he didn't even need to start my truck, a Dodge Dakota.
The case is great because it fits nicely UNDER the spare tire in the boot. I took a moment to mark our initials on the side of the case at the start of the zipper so that they can find their way home again.
Again, my thanks for a great product at a very reasonable and affordable price. I am planning to get another set for my Dakota in the future.
Dan from Maine"

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