Headlamp Covers

Protect your headlamps with this pair of 7" INVISIBLE Headlamp Guards. Many of us have expensive Tripods or Halogen lamps on our LBC's or you may just want to protect your standard sealed beam lamps from breakage. There is nothing worse then being out at night and having a stone hit our headlamps and zap we are now a one eyed LBC ;) We of course WANT, and NEED to be seen at all times and having only one Headlamp cuts our visibility down by 50% or more. Another benefit, if you have beautiful Tripod headlamps they will not be hidden behind those wire screens that are sometimes used for protection.

I have had them on my MGB now for almost 5 years and they are great and still look like new! They install easily and are held in place by the chrome trim ring. and can be removed in a flash for shows if you want. No screws or clips to snag your clothes, or washing/drying cloths like other types of headlamp protection. (While were talking about washing our LBC's check out our Full English Chamois, click here for more info)

Get a pair today at your Typical LBCarCo Savings. Priced elsewhere at 27.00 or more from LBCarCo they are only $22.00 per pair!.     Add this item to your shopping cart - you can always remove it later!

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