LBCarCo Chatter 02/09/03

The Chatter this Week at LBCarCo (February 9, 2003)
  • LBCarCo Chatter - Trailer Fleet - Jan's Lightening Bolts...DTSC Pinewood Derby, New MINI, Miata and Cruiser Stuff
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LBCarCo Chatter - Trailer Fleet - Jan's Lightening Bolts...DTSC Pinewood Derby, New MINI, Miata and Cruiser Stuff
This week was uneventful and not much to report on until Friday that is.  The new LBCarCo Trailer arrived in all it's aluminumness.  Over the years we have outgrown two trailers starting with a 36 cubic foot to our 10 x 4 that we have used for two seasons.  Well this time I decided I would not have to replace one so quickly again (only you our friends and customers can cause me to get a fourth, but I think I have done it this time;)  In more ways that one. 
Well lets go back to the end of last year.  It was taking us almost three hours to unpack and again pack for a show.  Everything had to be put carefully into the trailer so we could fit it all.  (many folks just can't believe we get all of our stuff into those trailers)  Well I decided I would find one large enough to use a push cart up a ramp.  Then I decided hey why not get one large enough to put one of our LBC's in too, that way Roger (the Range Rover) would just be the tow vehicle...poor Roger may have to go now too.   I went to visit a friend that had a 20 footer and tried towing with a car in it, hey no problem figuring we would have a light trailer, all our stuff and our LBC in a neat package.  Ok after looking at that I went to some dealers and decided 20 would not be big enough so ordered a 24 with a 4 foot snout with a front ramp.  All Aluminum Featherlite of course to help old Roger tow the complete LBCarCo Package.  Well it arrived on Friday, very early and it was very cold out.  As I looked out the door all I could see was white from one side to the other.  I though oh my what did I do?  (I had not looked at a 24 with the long nose only the 20 footer) I went outside and YIKES my first thought was Jan will KILL me (so what's new) when she gets home from work.  Off I went for some test drives in the empty trailer (about 3500 pounds) and setup the brake system etc.  All was good, I even was able to back it into the driveway and then all the way back into the back yard where it will stay during the year.  (along with it's little sisters and brother trailers of course - seems they just multiply like rabbits)  Dan and I moved Muffin (the old Mini) to the other side of the drive to make room for the new LBCarCo trailer and transfer the items from the previous trailer to the new one.  Ok forward on till about 6PM when Jan got home.  There I was sitting at the 'puter when she walked in.  If lightening bolts could fly indoors I would have been hit many times over.   I sat there sort of smiling then started to sort of break the ice?  Needless to say, I wished I had gotten an insulated one with heat and living quarters.  Jan was not laughing and I went to check my sleeping bag and tube heater just in case......
Ok Ok so I got to sleep indoors and all is sort of well, now if I can shave an hour off of set up and take down at a show I will be a hero.. and our first test will be this weekend when we do our whirlwind one day in the sun Florida trip.  We leave Detroit on Friday about 1AM (stooping in Cinci to visit our friendly Land Rover dealer for Rogers health) and then on to Atlanta to visit our David and Aaron at school, then off to West Palm Beach area at 6AM Saturday.  There we will meet some friends from Canada who will be going on our UK trip in March and have dinner then up for the show bright and early on Sunday.  This is a neat show and if you are in the Lake Worth/West Palm Beach Area come visit us.  It is at Bryant Park right on the intercoastal and what a super setting for a show.  See our website events page for all the details on the show.  Sunday we will either stay there or start driving back to get a bit further north and then head back to Atlanta to rest for a few hours and dinner before we pull our all nighter ride back to Detroit as Jan has to be back to work on Tuesday.  Love and Kisses Jan you are a trooper and Thanks!!!!!
I just hope Roger is up to the task, this trailer is big and we are not bringing an LBC on this trip, our maiden voyage.  That won't be till our first show in May a short trip to Cleveland to see how it all works.  If I find it is too much for Roger I guess I may have to break down and get a Suburban or Excursion diesel....well at least I can bring an LBC to a show then, which was the plan to start with anyway.  Right!!!  (Our 10 x 4 has been sold and will be leaving for the West Coast in the near future so that will leave the LBCarCo Cargo lines with only two trailers ;)  Still deciding if I want to keep the small one as that is super to tow behind the LBC's if needed as they all have hitches (except the Mini.)  Maybe one day I will sell it, if the right offer comes along and Jan gives me a big kick!!!
Sunday it was off to the Races with a classic Pinewood Derby Car made 14 years ago for David when he was in Cub Scouts.  The car won first place way back then at the Pack races and took a 5th in the county regionals.  Was it still fast?   I stopped to pick up some powered graphite for the plastic wheels and got to the Canadian Legion Hall just in time for the start of the races.  I registered for the classic division and mens.  Off all the cars went down the red and blue track.  There were some beautiful cars there, Spitfires, MG K series, Mini's, Land Rovers, Jensen-Healeys, TR3's and my disguised Porsche racer (I put a Union Jack sticker over the word Porsche and also put a TR 7 on the bonnet.)  Yes the car was fast and there were some really close heats but the "TR7" came out well as a first in the Classic division and 3rd overall in the Men's class.  It beat the 2nd place car in the first heat, but lost out to it in the finals.  It was a fun day and a great time was had by all that were there.  Photos are on our site so have a look if you have time.


LBCarCo Van Lines

Boy that is Bright in there

The Fleet

Is Julie Hitchiking?

See our  LBCarCo Chatter Newsletter on the web for some pics of the trailer fleet and the Pinewood Derby (courtesy of Blake Discher, who tried to get my little TR7 disqualified - by adding more weight to the care and requesting it be reweighed- after it beat his wifes entry in the classics <g>).  You can view them at or the direct link is 
Last week we launched our New MINI area.  We will now be providing all the Moss Motors (and more) new BMW MINI items on our site, check it out and save a few bucks on these items.  There are lots of performance, trim, chrome, interior and fun items for you to choose from.  Just use the Moss part number in our search page for now and later on this week we hope to have our category lists ready where you will just click on the MINI logo at the top of our page and presto you can view the items by category or search by part number.  Either way you will find that you will save a few of those hard earned dollars at LBCarCo.
We are now also offering the Moss Miata and PT Cruiser accessories and parts on our site along with the New MINI.  If you have one of these cars please stop by and visit our site.  Save a few bucks with our easy online ordering today.
In our new books section you will find our most recent addition.  This is a great book that has been out of print for ages.  We now have a limited supply on hand.  The book is Improve and Modify your MGB, MGC and MGB V-8 by Porter and Pollard.  It is a great book with lots of pictures and how too information.  Our part number is 212-994 and you will only find it at LBCarCo!
Till Next Week from Sunny Florida or on the road from it I should say....
Great Cover Up Sale - Interiors, Carpets, Tops, Tonneaus and more - Last Week!!
This is the last week of our BIG LBCarCo GREAT COVER UP SALE 2003 and you can still save up to 22%.   Now is your chance to SAVE on that BIG project to get your LBC ready for Spring.  Everything is PRICED just right for you to SAVE as usual with LBCarCo.
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We also offer our tops and tonneaus in most any color you will want.  You are not limited to just tan or black, but we can custom make your top or tonneau the color and grade material just the way you want it.  If you don't see the color or grade you want on our Special Tops and Tonneau Page, just drop us an email and we will provide you with our LOW price and create a new part number for you to order.  Click on our Tops and Tonneaus Link at
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Useful Items, find them on our Specials Page
At LBCarCo we always endeavor to find new items at reasonable prices for you and we also try to keep our prices at the lowest possible amount where we hope you will always save and come back to visit us week after week. 
On one of our trips to the UK we came across the best way to dry your LBC or other car of course.  Dry it the English way with a quality Chamois.  Now mind you this is not the same 6 square foot Chamois you will find at other places retailing up to $29.95.  The LBCarCo Chamois is a full uncut English Skin "leather" of approximately 8 square feet for only $20.  Yep ONLY $20.00 at LBCarCo on our specials page.  When you wash your car the best way to dry them is to lay the Chamois out on your car and pull it towards you for a streak free dry LBC.   Ring it out and hang it out to dry for the next use.  You can use your Chamois over and over again without worry.
Another sweet item we found was the Chamois Demist Pad which is only $3.00.  Just keep it in your LBC and when you have one of those cool mornings where your windows mist up.   Take the Demist Pad and wipe them dry in a flash, EASY!!!  Get one for each of your cars they are a great item.
Visit us for year round savings at and check out our exclusive and/or specially priced items on our Specials/Gifts pages.
Gunson Tools, Tune Up Today!

Soon you will bringing your LBC out of hibernation and what would be better than some tools to help you get those mechanicals running right!  We have found the Gunson Line of tools to be most useful and we always carry them in stock for immediate delivery the Clik-Adjust, Trakrite, FlashTest, Carbalancer, Eezibleed, GasTester, ColourTune, 12v Halogen Spotlight, 12v Worklight and all of them are priced at Very LOW LBCarCo PricingVisit our Specials pages for more detailed information on these items.  I think you will find that each one of them has an excellent use from the Spotlight and 12v Worklight (I keep one of each in my LBC's all the time when driving at night) to the Trakrite for longer tyre wear!  LBCarCo is your Gunson Headquarters for these quality shop tools always at LOW PRICES too!  Start hinting for that holiday gift NOW!

Many of you have purchased the Clik-Adjust from us to help adjust your valve lash.  This very exacting and time saving tool has been one of our best sellers in only a year on the market here.  One of our friends and customers (Rick Astley) has put together a very nice Data Chart for use with the Click-Adjust, along with detailed instructions and why you should use a Click-Adjust that any layman will be able to follow.  We are also looking for more Data to expand this chart to aid our customers with other LBC's.  If you have a Click-Adjust please visit this site.  If you have data to contribute we would great appreciate your participation by using the link in the instructions and sending in your data to us.  Once we get this information the data chart will be updated to include it for others to use.  Rick has also put together a wonderful Electrical website for our LBC's which you can find on our LBCarCo Links page.  If you have time check it out, you will be amazed at the information that Rick has provide our select community of enthusiasts.  Thanks Rick!!!

Visit us for year round savings at and check out our exclusive and/or specially priced items on our Specials/Gifts pages.

New - Win with the New LBCarCo Sweepstakes for 2003 - Winners Announced for 2002 Sweeps
The winners of the LBCarCo 2002 Sweepstakes have been announced on our website.  To find out if you are a winner, please click on the Win with LBCarCo 2003 Sweepstakes link on our main page and that will take you to the link for the 2002 winners - make sure you do this as we still have a few unclaimed prizes!!!  Thanks to all of you for helping make 2002 a successful year for us and we hope you will continue to support us in 2003 and the years to come.  As you will see below we are having another sweepstakes for 2003 and our FIRST Sale of the year is NOW in progress.  Read all about it in this weeks Chatter.
Everyone seemed to like our sweepstakes last year and it appears it helped business a bit (which was our goal) so we will repeat it again for this year.  Our Win with LBCarCo Sweepstakes for 2003 will basically be the same and there will be lots of prizes with the big one being a Trip for two to the UK, including air, hotel, tube pass and some spending money too.
All orders placed via our Secure Server from January 1, 2003 through December 31, 2003 will be eligible for an automatic entry. Folks not ordering on our server or folks that just want to enter (no purchase necessary) will also be able to do so via snail mail.  Please view our Sweepstakes page for all the details.  Please keep in mind one of rules is that each order counts as one entry, but multiple orders shipped together will only count as ONE entry.
Dayton Wire Wheels - Save!  Made in USA!

Order your USA Made Dayton Wire Wheels today and take our Exclusive Factory Tour (on our Dayton Page) from my drive to Dayton in EmmieB this fall.  Very interesting to see how these wheels are made and the time that actually goes into making sure each wheel is perfectly manufactured and balanced when it leaves their facility.  The process by which they can also seal many of their wire wheels to make them tubeless is painstaking effort to make sure they are sealed correctly so you will have no problems.  I know that other companies have tried to seal other brands of wire wheels with limited results and the reason is that the wheel was never intended to be a tubeless wheel.  Many of the Dayton Wire Wheels are!! 

LBCarCo has always been able to supply you with these USA Quality Made Wire Wheels by Dayton Wheel Products in both painted or chrome wheels, tube and tubeless, we just did not advertise this fact as well as we should have.  But with the Dayton Wires having the best quality and warranty (3 years) in the business it is fitting that we keep you informed. 
One of other little known slick features Dayton provides for folks that have LBC's (and other cars of course) with standard steel wheels, is a very simple ability to convert them to beautiful wire wheels at basically the same price as standard spline drive wheels.  With these conversion wheels there is NO need to change out axles, or rebuild your front/rear ends as these wheels come complete ready to bolt on to your existing hub setup.  The kit comes complete with wire wheels, lug nuts, hammer and spinners so you need nothing additional to make this conversion.  In fact the beauty of this is you only need FOUR wheels as you can keep your original spare since it will be rarely if ever used.  Unless you look really close no one will be the wiser and you will have a super looking authentic British looking wire wheel on your LBC.  See our website for YOUR Factory Tour, Our Low Pricing and details on these super wheels.
Order NOW! Order Often! At  Little British Car Co, Ltd.  (LBCarCo) we really appreciate your business!
Your Events can Appear in This Newsletter!

LBCarCo is pleased to publish information in our weekly newsletter for any National/Regional Register or Club of any British Marque.  Please let us know at least two weeks before your event.  Please contact us at to have this information included and when sending notice of an event to us, please provide a plain text email in a similar format to our events listing.  We are now accepting events for 2003.  We will also indicate which events we will be at and hopefully if you are there you will stop by and say hello, we would love to see you. 
Events Listing
Complete Event information for the events listed below may be found on our new events page on our website.  Please visit the following link LBCarCo Events or click on the Events button at the top of our website.
Winter British Knights in Detroit - All British car clubs and British car enthusiasts are invited to join the Detroit Triumph Sports Car Club as we continue our monthly cruises - sans our LBCs in most cases - with a series of cozy winter dinner get-togethers.  We can catch up on the latest club news, tech stuff and LBC happenings, while enjoying good company and the fine food and beverage provided at Bravo's Italian Restaurant, 29047 Utica Rd. in Roseville and Page's Food & Spirits, 23621 Farmington Rd. in Farmington.  We will meet at 6:30pm on the third Wednesday, March at Page's, and on the third Wednesday of, February at Bravo's.  We hope to see all of our new friends soon at one of these "Winter British Knights!"   For more information E-Mail Jeff Zorn, Sue Snyder or Dave Carlson
February 4-24, 2003 - Grand Rapids, MI.   University Motors Workshops.
UNIVERSITY MOTORS Ltd is pleased to announce the 2003 Technical Seminars, the 20th in a series.  University Motors has received an "Excellent" rating by members of the North American MGB Register and it is one of two Heritage Workshops in North America (appointed by British Motor Heritage).  University Motors was founded by John H Twist in 1973 and is soon to enter its 29th year of full time operation.  The seminars will be held in February, 2003, at University Motors' Ada workshop (a suburb of Grand Rapids, Michigan).   Participants from across the US as well as Canada, Mexico, and South America have attended in the past.  This year's seminars include the T-A-B-C-Midget Mechanical Seminar and the MGB Restoration Seminar (both weekend, lecture classes); and four, two-day weekday seminars:  an XPAG engine rebuild demonstration; two gearbox rebuild classes (bring your own gearbox); and one carburetor rebuild class (bring your own carbs and distributor).  Weekend courses, which include a Saturday Banquet and a copy of the latest University Motors Technical Book, are limited to 25 participants; Weekday rebuild courses are limited to 10 participants.  All classes cost $295.  Information is available from University Motors (616 682 0800) or from their website:
MGB/MGC Four Synchro Gearbox Rebuild
Feb 10 11 Mon - Tue
Restoration Seminar T & A
Feb 14 15 16  Fri - Sun
Gearbox Rebuild - T A/B 3 Synchro
Feb 17 18  Mon - Tue
Tuning for Speed & V8 Conversion
Feb 21 22 23  Fri - Sun
Carb/Dist Rebuild (all models)
Feb 24 25 Mon - Tue
February 16, 2003 - Lake Worth, Florida.  10th Annual British Classic Car Show   (Come Say Hi to Jan and Jeff)
February 23, 2003 - Wheaton, IL 7th Annual All British Swap Meet and Auto Jumble (Come Say Hi to Jan and Jeff)
March 8, 2003 - Panama City, FL.  Bay British Cars Show
March 14 - 28, 2003 - United Kingdom.  LBCarCo England Adventure 2003.  14 days in the United Kingdom touring with Jeff and Jan of The Little British Car Co.  Featuring seven days in London visiting the exciting history of this great city along with plays, pubs, walks, Portobello Road, London Eye, Classic Car Show, free time, Shopping and more.  Then we head to the Cotswolds for 7 days and nights with lodging on the grounds of historic Sudeley Castle.  This exciting portion of our tour via our deluxe motor coach will include visits to several Cotswold villages, lots of pubs, Shopping, Stonehenge, British Motor Heritage Trust Museum, Shopping, Morgan Factory, Stratford, Dinner Cruise and MORE.  This low cost, fun packed tour is completely booked with 44 excited adventurers, but to be placed on our list for our next LBCarCo Adventure please drop us an Email to
March 16, 2003 - Lake Helen, Florida - Spring Fling IX - Hosted by the All British Car Club of Volusia County
March 22-23, 2003 - St Louis, MO.  8th Annual Missouri Endurance Rally and 1st Missouri Mini-Endurance Rally.
New April 12, 2003 - South Haven, MI. BRITISH CAR SHOW & GO (5th annual) car show,school & driving event at Gingerman Raceway, South Haven, MI. "The Greatest British Car event of it's kind! Contact: Guy Dirkin 708-383-8499 or Jared Silver 847-304-4446
New Lansing, MI. All Michigan Annual MG Kimber Birthday Bash The Annual Party will be held Saturday April 12, 2003. We will be showing "On Any Sunday" where you can 'take a trip at 265mph. Location is the Celebration Cinema on the south side of Lansing off I-96 take the Cedar exit. Movie begins at 10AM with lunch following at noon, at the Delhi Cafe.   'On Any Sunday' is a documentary following the lives of motorcycle racers and racing enthusiasts, including actor Steve McQueen. First asking the question 'Why do they do it?' this film looks at the people who devote (and sometimes risk) their lives to racing on tracks and off-road courses around the world.   If you have any questions contact Jai Deagan of the Lansing Area MG Association. email: or call 517-663-6167. 
April 11-13, 2003 - Lake Havasu, AZ.  Brits on the Bridge, London Bridge, Lake Havasu City, AZ.
April 20, 2003 - Ancaster, Ontario, Canada.  The Ancaster British Sportscar Flea Market and Car Show
April 25-26, 2003 - Pensacola Beach, FL. 11th Annual Pensacola Beach British Car Show
April 26 - 27, 2003 - Hershey Vintage Hillclimb, Hershey, PA.
May 3, 2003 - Succasunna, NJ.  "Brifest 2003" sponsored by Moss Motors and Castrol hosted by the MG Car Club Central Jersey Centre
New May 3-4, 2002 - Independence, OH.  26th Annual British Swap Meet and Car Show at a new location!  Holiday Inn  Sponsored by the Northeast Ohio Austin Healey Club, Location: Cleveland/Independence, Ohio Holiday Inn Independence, Ohio.  Cross roads of Interstate 480 & Interstate 77 Independence, OH.   Contact: Ken Hiller Tel: 216-701-5640 Fax: 216-831-0486 Email: <> (Come Say Hi to Jan and Jeff)
New May 2-4, 2003 - Lexington, KY. Bluegrass Bash Weekend includes a driving tour and luncheon followed by KY Derby party, dinner and auction on Saturday. Dash plaques, hospitality room. Cost $15 per person or $25 per family. For more information contact Mike Razor or visit:
May 4, 2003 - Alexandria, VA.  The 6th Annual Britain on the Green British
May 4, 2003 - Baltimore, MD.  The 15th Annual "Get the Dust Off Rallye".
May 10, 2003 - Oakland, CA  MG's at Jack London Square, Oakland, CA.
May 10, 2003 - Sussex, NJ.  "Third North American Cecil Kimber Run"
May 12-15, 2003 - Harrisburg, PA.  Sprite Spree 2003 - A Celebration of the 45th Anniversary of the Austin Healey Sprite.

May 16-17 - Carlisle, PA.  Import and Kit Car Show.   (Come Say Hi to Jan and Jeff)
May 16-18, 2003 - The Southern California MG Club is celebrating its 25th anniversary in May 2003.
May 23-25, 2003 - Champagne, IL.  Champagne British Car Festival.  This years theme is the Beatles and the 60's.  (Come Say Hi to Jan and Jeff)

May 31, 2003 - Fort Washington, PA.  THE BRITS ARE BACK at HOPE LODGE

June 1, 2003 - Toledo, OH - 5th Annual British Car and Motorcycle show at Historical Fort Meigs  (Come Say Hi to Jan and Jeff)

June 1, 2003 - Red Mill Museum Village Clinton, NJ  "Eighth Red Mill British Car Day"

June 1, 2003 - Waterford, CT - The Connecticut MG Club's 16th annual "British By The Sea"

June 1, 2003:  Saint Leonard, MD.  "British Car Week in Maryland" Picnic and Rallye.

June 6 - 7, 2003 - St. Joseph, MO. 14th Annual Heartland MG Regional.

June 7, 2003 - Louisville, Kentucky.  The 19th Annual Marques on the Green  (Come Say Hi to Jan and Jeff)

June 7, 2003 - Virginia Beach, VA.  3rd Annual "Brits On The Bay" All British Car & Cycle Show.  Sponsored by the Tidewater Triumph Register. 

June 8, 2003 Hellertown, PA 10th Annual British Motorcar Gathering, sponsored by the Keystone Region MG Club

June 14, 2003 - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The Alberta All British Motoring Society
June 19 - 21, 2003 -Auburn, Indiana   Triumph Register of America National Meet.
June 19-22, 2003 - MG-2003 - The North American MGB Register will be holding its annual convention in St Louis, Missouri  (Come Say Hi to Jan and Jeff)
June 25 - July 1, 2003 -Tyson's Corner's VA (Washington DC):  The Austin-Healey Club of America's annual Conclave
July 14-18, 2003 - Portland, Oregon - NAMGAR GT-28 is the NAMGAR event of the year, hosted in 2003 by Columbia Gorge MGA Club of Portland, Oregon
August 2, 2003 - Dayton, OH - British Car Day 2003, Saturday, August 2, Eastwood MetroPark, Harshman Rd. Dayton  (Come Say Hi to Jan and Jeff!)
August 3, 2003 - Milwaukee, WI The Milwaukee & Greatlakes MG Motorcar Group (MG3) will be sponsoring the 27th Annual Vintage Sports Car Show
August  22-23-24, 2003 - Stratton, VT "Drive-In # 7" annual gathering of the MG  Drivers Club of North America
September 14, 2003 - Sterling Heights, MI  The Detroit Triumph Sportscar Club celebrates its 44th year at the 21st Annual <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /> Battle of the Brits. (Come Say Hi to Jan and Annette)
September, 14, 2003 - Dayton, Ohio,   MG will be one of the featured marques of the 7th Boonshoft Museum of Discovery Concours d'Elegance
September 20, 2003 - Titusville, FL.  AMGBA Meet 2003 in Titusville, Florida in conjunction with the Fox Lake All British Car Show
September 21, 2003 -  Boiling Springs, PA.  The 'Meeting of the Marques' All-British Motor Show
September 27, 2003 - Bel Air, MD.  The 24th Annual "MGs On the Rocks" Car Show  & Parts Market at Rocks State Park 4-H Camp.  (Come Say Hi to Jan and Jeff)
September 28, 2003 - British Car Club of Delaware - Annual Car Show - Historic Old New Castle, Delaware, Battery Park along the Delaware River.
October 4-5, 2003 - Michigan.  British Round Michigan Reliability Run for CharitySupporting the Children's Camp Bold Eagle. Will your LBC make it?
Supporting the Children's Camp Bold Eagle for children with bleeding disorders ( this event sponsored by the Detroit Triumph Sports Car Club is open to all British Sports cars and will be a run around the lower peninsular of Michigan to help raise funds which will allow underprivileged kids get to the camp.  For more information visit the MIBRR website at or contact Blake Discher at 313-259-4460 or - Will your LBC make it?  Come and join us and find out!!
October 4-5, 2003 - Hiawassee, GA. The Southeastern MGT Fall Festival will be held at the Lake Chatuge Lodge.
October 11, 2003 - Nashville, TN.  All British Motorcar / Motorbike Show, hosted by Nashville British Car Club (Come Say Hi to Jan and Jeff!)
November 7-9, 2003 - Chattanooga, TN.  You are cordially invited for down home Southern hospitality.  (Come Say Hi to Jan and Jeff!)
August 12-15, 2004 - Grand Rapids, MI.  University Motors Summer Party Reunion.
Complete Event information for the events listed above may be found on our new events page on our website.  Please visit the following link LBCarCo Events or click on the Events button at the top of our website.

Tech Tip!
Our Tech Tip this week is from Gil Price - Thanks Gil  ($20.00 will be credited to your LBCarCo account)  Please contact us ASAP for further info.
For those with rubber bumper cars here's a way to restore the black shiny look.  After trying every method I have read about, I discovered a new
product called Turtle Wax Tire Wax-- it's a creamy product that comes with an applicator sponge.  After cleaning up the bumper well, with a good
quality strong cleaner and letting it dry thoroughly, apply the wax and I let it dry overnight before buffing with a dry cloth.  I applied three coats and the bumpers look like new and without a lot of elbow grease either.

Ed. Note: Update to last weeks Tech Tip.  When installed from the factory the bolt was installed correctly and the above should not be necessary. The reason this problem of the incorrectly installed bolt can happen is: when the body is off the frame and the engine and transmission are put back onto the frame it is possible to install the bolt backwards.

You could do as Gord suggests or you can just cut off the incorrectly installed bolt, which would make the above unnecessary and install the new bolt head the correct way. Then you will have no problem in the future. When the body is on the frame it is impossible to install the bolt incorrectly.

You can now view our entire list of previous tech tips by visiting LBCarCo Tech Tips or by clicking on the link at the top of our website. 
Keep those TIPS and Stories coming, WE ALWAYS NEED THEM!
You can earn a $20 purchase credit for each tip that is published in our weekly mailing.  Please send your tech tips to me at put the words Tech Tip in the subject line please.  If you don't currently have an account with LBCarCo you can still submit a tech tip.  We will provide your credit of $20.00 any time you should purchase something online from LBCarCo. 
If you have a cute or funny story or an article about and picture of your first LBC you would like to share with our audience, drop me a note along with the story.  The story should be no more than 500 to 1,000 words and must be true, though of course you can have writers privileges to jazz it up;)   If we use it we will provide you with a $20 LBCarCo Gift Certificate.

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LBCarCo and Guy's Garage Team up in the Detroit Metro Area
Guy's Garage and LBCarCo team up to provide mechanical services for our customers.  Guy has been doing mechanical work now for over 10 years and is meticulous in all aspects of his workmanship.  In fact I use Guy for all my mechanical work too!!!  Now you can really save by ordering your parts on our website and have them delivered right to Guy's Garage.  Then when Guy performs his magic you will save again with traditional low LBCarCo pricing from Guy, while still maintaining the quality and service you have come to expect from LBCarCo.   Contact Guy today for an appointment at 248-349-3649 and start saving NOW!

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