LBCarCo Chatter 04/16/2017

The Chatter this Week at LBCarCo (April 16, 2017)

LBCarCo Chatter - NatMeet in South Australia

Last week Jan and I flew off to OZ for this years National MG Meet in Adelaide, South Australia. We made a quick pit stop in LA to visit the new Grandboy Ren and David and Jen (our LBCarCo Facebook manager) and then off we went down under. It was nice to break up the flight in two segments as it made for a bit shorter ride.

We arrived in Sydney and then flew off to Melbourne for a couple of days as we had not been there before, then drove the Great Coast Road to Adelaide over the next few days. Lovely views and sites and great wineries on the way too. (I won't bore you with any details but if should want to see some pictures of that they are on my personal Facebook page.)

We arrived at our friends Anthony and Wenona Pearson's house Monday evening and enjoyed a few days relaxing before the event started on Thursday night with a Noggin and Natter at SA MG Car Club house in Adelaide. Most of the state clubs in Australia have their own clubhouse, I believe, since the clubs are huge. The SA club has 915 members from across South Australia and other locations. The largest club is the Victoria MG Car Club with about 1500 members.

I will report on the event in two newsletters since it is still going on as I write this. The first chapter will cover from Thursday night through Saturday night's MGM (MG's at the Movies) dinner.

The first event though unofficial was a Noggin and Natter at the clubrooms. The place was packed and not even enough room to park all the cars in the lot. There were people from all over Australia as well as other countries. Peter Cook, the MG Car Club (UK) overseas director, was there and gave a brief talk. (He was at the Louisville all MG Meet last June).

The clubrooms have a bar so there was plenty to drink at reasonable prices and also potluck snacks. There were raffles too and I won a bottle of wine. South Australia's finest of course. I drove down in Anthony's newly restored Y-Type (1948 MG Saloon) which he just finished this week after sitting for 25 years after a wreck. The car is beautiful and rides great too.

Friday during the day was registration and scrutineering (checking the cars for the events to make sure they were up to safety standards.) Friday night was another Noggin and Natter at the hall where most everyone attended. There was plenty of great finger food and a cash bar. There were also introductions of the overseas guests from the UK, Japan, USA (there were 4 of us), Italy (turns out I am Facebook friends with Mary Jo from Italy and we had never met before...small world for sure) and the two guys from the USA (Hawaii) know someone that we know too in Seattle and Arizona. Of course all MG related - the Marque of Friendship as it is called.

Noggin and Natter at NatMeet in South Australia
Noggin and Natter at NatMeet
Peter Cook from UK MGCC
Noggin and Natter at NatMeet
Noggin and Natter at NatMeet
Me and Joy Pearson
Friday Registration
Valve cover races
Concours Judges meeting
Modern Saloons
Y Type
Many B's of course
Many B's of course
Twin Cam's
Twin Cam's
Twin Cam's
1934 ND
37 TA Left, 34 NA right
33 J2
29 M type right, 34 PA left
39 WA drop head coupe
David McNaughton and me
The best of the best (Outright)
The best of the best (Outright)
The best of the best (Outright)
Wenona, Anthony, Jan and Me
MG at the movies MGM
MG at the movies MGM
MG at the movies MGM
Anthony was lusting for Frank N. Futer

Saturday was the Concours and this is serious business here. I drove Anthony's ZB Magnette down to the field in Glenelg (suburb of Adelaide). The Magnette also is a beautiful car very nicely restored as is the Y Type. Anthony was in charge of the concours so we had to be there at the crack of dawn to get things set up.

Cars started rolling in about 9 AM and the judging started at 10 AM. I would guess there were at least 200+ cars on the field, from MMM type to current Chinese MG cars, which we do not have in the states. Each class has 3 judges that are familiar with that class and the judges were from each state too so there was no hanky panky on choosing club members in each class. The judging was on the merits of each car.

The judging finished about 2PM since there were so many cars and once that was done the 1st place cars in each class were invented up to the front of the field. No awards were presented at this point. These cars are considered the outright cars best in class and are judged again to pick the best car in each period. I was one of the outright judges for the period of 1955-1980 MG's including MGTF, MGA, MGB's and Midgets. We had to judge about 20 cars and our panel of 3 judges reviewed each car. It really was a hard choice to be sure as the cars were all top flight. (We cannot say which one one since the awards will not be presented until the Monday night banquet)

Following the concours we had to get ready for the MGM night. MG's at the Movies and since we did not know about it did not have any costumes to wear. With the help of Wenona and some thrift shop purchases we went as Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot and Anthony and Wenona went as Debbie and Fred from Singing in the Rain.

There were some really amazing costumes and I have taken a few pictures of some of them. Everyone had a great time and the big hit was a SA member dressed up as Frank 'n Furter from Rocky Horror. The ladies were amazed at how well he walked in high heels. He said it put them on and it was natural. He won the best costume of course.

The awards were also presented for each class 1st, 2nd and 3rd, but the overall will be presented on Monday night. There were lots of door prizes too and the meal was great. Beverages were also included along with warnings about drinking and driving, very strict here.

There was a duo called the Fab Two that did Beatles songs as well as some others and there was dancing too. It really was a great time.

Sunday was the Motorkhana (Anthony is participating in this) and will be included in my next newsletter. Jan and I were going to do the Kimber Run and lunch, but alas we were just too pooped out and could not even get up in the AM. We do plan to do the Observation run on Monday though in Anthony's MGB.

Stay tuned for the next chapter and we hope everyone has a Happy Easter if you celebrate, Happy Passover too and if you don't celebrate anything just have a great weekend. :)

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The perfect solution for your LBC. Similar to vintage after market consoles made by Amco some years ago, but with superior styling and quality. Black grained ABS thermoplastic base with leather covered armrest. A large storage compartment (great for maps, tire gauge, flashlight etc) is located under the armrest pad and a cup/change holder is located in the forward portion. Available for Sprite/Midgets (All Years), MGTC's, MGB/MGC (1962-1971), MGA and Now TR3 (Our Part CP1032TR).

Truly looks like original equipment, Styled just like the factory consoles that appeared in 1972. Black grained ABS body, and the armrest itself instead of covered in black vinyl is covered with with GENUINE LEATHER. Installs over that sun-bleached bald spot on your tunnel ;)

Add our Rubber Console to any of our above consoles. The Mat also fits the 72-80 MGB factory console.

Add a touch of luxury to your MGB with this practical Rubber Console Mat! Many higher-end cars now come with mats such at this, and for good reason. Installing this Mat stops the annoying rattling of items against your console floor, and prevents them from sliding around and scratching as well. The Soft Touch Mat FEELS great--makes picking up coins, etc. from its ribbed surface a pleasure. And it LOOKS terrific, too! It will fit our other consoles as indicated with some trimming. Made in USA of high quality industrial rubber and comes in black only.

Also available from LBCarCo:

Upgrade your vinyl Console Lid (armrest) with our Quality GENUINE Leather replacement. (included with above consoles)

Leather shift lever boot for MGB 1968-1980.

Centering guide and latch plate for MGB console (included with above consoles.)

MGB Console coin dish fits 72-80.

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Enhance your 72-80 MGB with this truly custom Cup Holder! This is NOT your usual generic cup holder! We've seen a lot of hand-made attempts in this area, but this nicely-accomplished design looks like original equipment (if there had been one back then), you just can't beat it. This is custom molded to fit the trapezoidal-shaped area in front of the shifter. Made from black, textured ABS just like the console it sits on, it fits two beverages--from small cups and cans to medium sized bottles and mugs. (one side will hold pictured coolies below) No fasteners are necessary. Simply set in place, and it is trapped in position. Removal is just as simple.

For extra style and savings order one or more the coolies pictured below and save even more when you order with the cup holder.

Super Coolies, you won't go wrong with these.

For the Little British Car enthusiast is our Multi-Marque can/bottle insulator. Besides the obvious appeal of being decorated with various British marques, these are premium quality; they are made with wet-suit material. Because of this, they insulate extremely well, but are only a quarter inch thick. Oh, and they just happen to fit perfectly in the above MGB cup holder. Hmmmmm.....something suspicious, there. These come in Red, Green, and Navy, and your Special LBCarCo Price is only $6.00 each.

Available in Red, Green and Blue.

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Console fits snugly to your tunnel, and may be fastened with a single screw (included) if so desired. Made of sturdy ABS thermoplastic, and is textured just like factory parts.

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This is a remedy available both by original equipment makers and the aftermarket on other cars, but needed badly for our MGs. Yes this has a discrete MG Logo but it can be used on many other Leyland Vehicles with Single Post Headrests.

Made of tough but flexible black plastic with UV inhibitors for long life. Installs by removing your head rest and simply sliding on for a friction fit. No tools required. Guide can also be modified for snap-on installation if your head rest is frozen.

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Available in Union Jack Pattern, Red, White and Blue and Union Jack Pattern in White, Black and Grey and UJ with Checkered Flag Design. Our price is only $37.00 each.

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We all know how hot an MGA (and for that matter all LBC's) tend to run. There are many solutions out there from fan shrouds, Redline Water Wetter to thermostat blanking sleeves. I have tried most of them and have had some success. A couple of years ago on my MGB I installed a 10" Electric Cooling Fan and found that it really worked great. The MGA was still a problem though. I tried the 10" Electric Cooling fan and it just does not fit the MGA correctly. There is not really enough room to mount it and the top of the fan overlapped the top tank allowing precious cooling to be lost.

I was visiting a friend out in LA and he had an 8" fan mounted in his MGA, it looked a bit small on the MGA, but seemed to work well. After a few months of research we found the solution was this powerful 9" electric pusher fan. It fits perfectly over the MGA and Spitfire radiators and gives maximum cooling. It even looks good like it could have been there with the A was made. (had they had electric cooling fans back then.)

Our kit includes the electric fan, mounting kit and adjustable thermostat (we found the fixed stat just does not give as much flexibility. We include the adjustable thermostat in all our fan kits. (10", 12" and 14")

So if you worry about overheating and really want to solve the problem order one of these kits today. Add a little Water Wetter for good measure and away you go, safe, sound and COOL!

Many thanks to Rick Astley for his technical assistance.

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On The Borderline by Rick Astley/7

Our good friend Rick Astley of British Car Electrical Book fame also has a funny side when he is not delving into the electrical issues of British automotive mysteries.

Rick has been doing these cartoons for our local MG Club for years and I thought that they might be cute to share and Rick gave us permission to publish them. They tend to be leaning to the Detroit/Windsor area but I think they are very humorous and as you can see Rick and his MGB along with his lovely wife are usually the personalities in the cartoons. They are all in fun and we hope you enjoy.

Oversize Shipping

On April 11, 2013 We were notified by Moss that their oversize fee structure would be put into place that day. (it has always been there to some extent, but now is formal.) This has been coming for some time now since the cost of shipping has steadily been rising and the carriers have continued to reduce the size requirements for standard packaging.

You will notice when you check out on our website (also on the Moss website and in the new Moss catalogs - available for PDF downloading on their or our website - click on the car logos to download) oversize parts are indicated and the extra cost for shipping them. Note there may be some parts that they have have not indicated as oversize but actually are. If they charge us for an oversize fee we may have to bill you for the fee and will then add it to the oversize fee notations on our site for future reference (we are never told in advance.)

LBCarCo always will attempt to give you the best prices and shipping rates whenever possible and we are also looking for avenues to save you, our customers money. Some of these cost saving methods are our Loyalty Program, slight delays in shipping to consolidate your order for more economical shipping when possible, shipping by a different carrier such as post when possible and more. We will be constantly monitoring this new program and will tweak it as needed.

This is very rare but on orders shipped by air that are over oversize, by weight or dimensions, we reserve the right to charge actual shipping. Usually shipments via air are considered oversize if over 12 x 12 x 12". Please ask us for a quote on air shipping in advance or we will notify you if you have requested this on your order by checking the confirm carriage before shipping block.

All quotations on shipping are approximate since actual shipping cost may vary some depending on fuel surcharges, actual size and weight once packed and when the order is actually shipped. Every effort has been made to provide accurate information. We reserve the right to correct typographical errors and will not be held liable for inaccuracy of pricing, descriptions or applications.

LBCarCo Gallery of Stars - Is Your LBC a Star, Upload it Here! WE WANT YOUR LBC!!

Is your LBC a Star? Well we all know that each and every one of our little beauties is a star in our own eyes. Take a LOOK at our NEW gallery set up for our customers and friends to show off their pride and joys. Each week customers send me images to show me their newly done restoration (with parts from LBCarCo of course) or just to let me know what their LBC looks like. Now you can display YOUR LBC for everyone to see. We have had numerous requests for this feature over the years and now it is here. There are categories for most of the marques as well as an other British Category and of course a British Motorcycle category too.

This Issues Car Star is Dave Reese's TR3B 'Fagin' which he acquired in spring of 1962. He never robs me for major amounts, but does pick my pocket for parts and maintenance regularly.

We also have included a FOR SALE category that will allow your image and any notes on your LBC to be posted for 30 days from upload date. We really hope you like these features.

To access the gallery, to view or to upload your image, please click on the word GALLERY on the Blue Top Bar of our website from any page. Once it is uploaded it will be reviewed and once approved will be released. This should only take a day or less. Have fun! Jan and I can't wait to see all your LBC's.

LBCarCo Tech Tips - Each Chatter a New Reader Submitted Tech Tip! (WE NEED TECH TIPS PLEASE)


Tech Tip this issue is from Joe Dufresne. Thanks Joe ($20.00 will be credited to your LBCarCo account) Please contact us ASAP for further info.

Speed Nut Tip

When mounting badges on your LBC with press on clips or 'speed nuts' it is a good idea to cut a small piece of rubber, from a tube or other source, punch a hole the size of the badge mounting stud, and place between the body and the speed nut. It prevents the clip from scratching the paint (thus preventing rust) and will help insure a better fit, with less play and a more secure badge.


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April 21-22, 2017 Pensacola, FL. - BRITS on the BAY
Panhandle British Car Association 25 Anniversary edition of 'Brits on the Bay' with a new venue that will put your LBC in the middle of Pensacola's Historic Seville Square. Arrive on Friday and enjoy the self guided tours followed by our Friday evening 'Red beans and rice' dinner one block from our show site. Three Hotel/ Motels sites. Log on to our web site for full details. Contact: Curt Derby. Phone: 850-626-1083. Email:
April 22, 2017 Williamsburg, VA. - 18th Annual 2017 Williamsburg British & European Car Show
Open the 2017 car show season and visit beautiful Colonial Williamsburg Virginia for the 18th Annual Williamsburg British Car Club British and European Car Show at Chickahominy Riverfront Park next to the intersection of the James and Chickahominy Rivers. Camping available thru James City County. Registration form on our website. Featured marque is the MGC, MGC-GT to commemorate 50th year. Contact: Roy Gavilan. Phone: 757-637-5902. Email: Website: .
April 21-23, 2017 Crystal River, FL. - GOF South MK LI
The Suncoast Classic MG Car Club is excited to announce the next year's GOF South is to be held at the Plantation Inn in Crystal River, Citrus County, FL. Join us for three days of Sun and Fun in this wonderful part of Florida. Contact: Terry Mathes. Phone: 352-346-1559. Email: Website:
April 24-28, 2017 Key West, FL. - Brits in Paradise
The Key West British Car Club is holding its annual "Brits in Paradise" event in Key West April 24-28, 2017. This event coincides with the Conch Republic Independence Festival and our cars are featured in the Independence Parade down famous Duval Street. Other events include a Bocce Ball Tournament and a spirited Miniature Golf Tournament. For registration and hotel information visit Contact: Tom Fant. Phone: 734-735-5383. Email:
April 29, 2017 Denton , NC. - Uwharrie Mountains British Car Meet
What to look forward to: 160 acre farm nestled in the Uwharrie Mountain Range with a large field to park and admire cars. 10 acre lake for fishing. This is a free event hosted for the British Car Community. To download the flyer and see videos of the event go to Contact: Doug Higgins. Phone: 336-689-8498. Email: Website:
April 30, 2017 Portland, OR. - All British Autojumble Swap Meet
TWENTY-FIRST ANNUAL AUTOJUMBLE! A let's get ready for SUMMER swap meet for British cars, parts, and related items. This meet is scheduled for the last Sunday in April to allow time to get your prize vehicles ready to DRIVE. Because of the success of our previous Autojumbles and the lack of British auto items at the much larger Portland Swap Meet, we are committed to making this an annual affair. (Remember, always the last Sunday in April) We are continuing with the same successful format; inexpensive for exhibitors, free to buyers, and not overorganized. The focus is on British car stuff only no muscle cars, model 'A' Fords, speed equipment, or antique or collectable glassware. Only British cars and car related items will be displayed. The sites for parts vendors will be covered in case of rain. There will be adequate space for cars to be displayed for sale, possibly covered. Any British car club that has members committed to a total of five or more spaces will get the use of a free space to solicit membership or sell regalia. Date: Sunday, April 30, 2017 Location: Montgomery Park Parking Deck, 2701 NW Vaughn St., Portland, OR Hours: Setup from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Sales from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Everything cleared out by 3:00 p.m. Parts for sale spaces $10 (one normal parking space) Cars for sale spaces $15 Spaces are limited first come first served. Questions? Call Tim Foren, (503) 287-2024. Contact: Tim Foren. Phone: 503-287-2024. Email: Website:
May 6, 2017 Succasunna, NJ. - Britfest 2017
Join us for the first major British car show and vendor flea market of the new driving season in the northeast. Held at beautiful Horseshoe Lake Park 72 Eyland Ave. Succasunna, NJ 07876 near Morristown. Contact: Charles Tregidgo. Phone: 201-791-6675. Email: Website:
May 7, 2017 Solon, OH. - 40th NEOAHC British Swap Meet & Car Show
Located at 6200 enterprise Parkway we invite all British Marques and British Motorcycles. We award trophies and dash plaques as well as best of show and diamond in the rough. Entrance fee is $15.00 pre and $20.00 at the gate. Contact Howard Morris or text at 330-958-9225 and I will shoot or email an entrance form off to you. Questions call me 330-927-1876
May 13, 2017 Wrightsville Beach, NC. - "best of british"
British Motor Club of the Cape Fear 19th. Annual Car Show. Classic British and Foreign Cars, Class Trophies, Club & Long Distance Awards, Raffle, 50/50, Food, Live Music. Proceeds in Aid of Local Charities. Wrightsville Beach Park, Bob Sawyer Drive. 10 am - 3 pm. Contact: Eric Robinson. Phone: 910-599-7502. Email: Website:
May 12-May 14, 2017 Townsend, TN. - Springtime in the Smokies
Springtime in the Smokies, the annual gathering of European automobiles and motorcycles in Townsend, TN, will be held May 12-13 on the grounds of the Talley Ho Inn. Join us in the shadow of the Great Smoky Mountains, as people from all over the southeast and beyond come together to show off their colorful paint, polished chrome and works in progress. Early registration is only $25 and includes the Friday night cookout (by April 15; $30 day of show). Relax in the beauty of a Smoky Mountain spring. Come a day early or stay a day late and drive the Cades Cove loop, hike Laurel Falls, visit Sugarlands Visitor Center or wade in the Little River at the Wye. Hosted by Blount British Cars and English Auto Society. Check our websites for show details and registration information: or Contact: Jim Watson. Phone: 865-599-4305. Email: Website:
May 20, 2017 Raleigh, NC. - 21st Annual Triangle British Classic Car Show
This is a wonderful opportunity to see more than 125 cars representing over 60 years of British motoring history. There will be a car show, regalia for sale, raffle prizes, a 50/50 drawing and a Hot Wheels race for the children. We will be located at North Hills on Six Forks Road in Raleigh, NC; 8:30 am - 3:00 pm. The cost is $30 for the first car and $15 for each additional car. Spectators are free. Come join us for a fun filled Saturday. Contact: Dennis Taylor. Phone: 919-610-7166. Email: Website: htt;://
May 21, 2017 Columbus, OH. - Central Ohio British Car Day XXXIII
Central Ohio British Car Day XXXIII at Quaker Steak & Lube-Polaris Parkway & I-71, Columbus, OH Featured marques: MGC 50 years/Rolls Royce/Bentley/Race Cars and Motor Cycles. Portion of fee donated to The British Transportation Museum and Wounded Warriors. First 150 registrants will receive an event dash plaque. Popular vote car show in 35 classes. Pre-registration $15, $5 each additional, day of show $20 each. Vendor registration $25 per space, British Car Day Event T shirts available. Driving tour Saturday and hospitality suite Saturday night at Cambria Suites Polaris. Contact: Bill Blake. Phone: 614-403-1074. Email: Website:
May 27, 2017 Dayton, OH. - British Car Meet at the Market
Come join the British Transportation Museum 'Meet at the Market' for all British cars. The Meet runs from 9AM to 3PM on May 27, 2017. Car registration is $15 in before May 20th and $18 after May 21. Registration will be limited to the first 100 cars. We will have a silent auction again this year. We will have a Kid's Activities Tent. Come enjoy the 2nd Street Market that boosts local growers, bakers, culinary specialists, and artisans that fill this charming historic freight house. Reminiscent of European markets, it's alive with vendors, people and activity during market hours. Please join us for an after show open house at the Museum's home at 321 Hopeland St, Dayton, Ohio, 45417. For more information and a registration form, visit the museum web site at: or contact Harry Mague, Event Coordinator at 937-232-9310 or Pete Stroble, Museum President at 937-429-0871. Hope to see some of your British cars at our show. Email:
May 27, 2017 Greenville, SC. - Great Scot! British Car Show
Join us on the beautiful shaded mall of Furman University, Greenville, South Carolina. This years featured marques will be Rolls-Royce and Bentley. All British cars and motorcycles are eligible. Winning classes are: First, Second, and Third place class awards (depending on number of entries) Best of Show Special awards to include President's Award and a featured Marque award. Judging will be by the Participants, with one ballot per registration. Please visit the Games website for registration information at We hope to see you this year at this fun event, which not only has a gathering of British cars, but features one of the largest Highland games in the Southeast. Each registration will include a ticket to the games, where there will be demonstrations of heavy athletics, herding dogs, ancient skills, and plenty of pipe and drum bands. Additional tickets can be purchased at a discount with your registration. Contact: Sam Maw. Phone: 864-431-1148. Email: Website:
June 3, 2017 Louisville, KY. - 33rd annual British Bash
The 33rd annual British Bash will be held on the beautiful grounds of St. Josephs Childrens home from 9:00 to 3:30. There will be approximately 200 British cars in attendance. Contact: Gary Rumrill. Phone: 502-239-6366. Email: Website:
June 4, 2017 Adamstown, MD. - Original British Car Day (OBCD)
This special annual event is held for the enjoyment of all British car and motorcycle enthusiasts. A portion of the proceeds wil be donated to the Benedictine School which provides educational, residential and vocational services for children and adults with disabilities. Our honored guest will be John Davis. He is an award winning host, executive producer and creator of MotorWeek, television's longest running automotive series. John is one of the most trusted and recognized automotive journalists in the nation and will be available to talk with participants and car enthusiasts throughout the day. This year the featured mark will be the Jaguar. Event is from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Spectator admittance is $10.00/car. Preregistration $23.00 and $30.00 at the gate. Contact: John Tokar. Phone: 410-775-0500. Email: Website:
June 4, 2017 Clinton, NJ. - Red Mill British Car Day
The Austin Healey Sports & Touring Club, North Jersey Region presents the 22nd Annual Red Mill British Car Day will take place on Sunday, June 4, 2017 at The Red Mill Museum Village in Clinton, NJ. 10AM-3PM Rain or Shine. All vehicles must be preregistered - $20 before May 22 and $25 afterwards. Registration form on AHSTC,org. NEW this year: awards will be based on marque of vehicles registered Contact: Steve Feld. Phone: 973-525-9054. Email: Website:
June 4, 2017 Perrysburg, OH. - 19th Annual British Return to Fort Meigs
19th Annual British Return to Fort Meigs British Car And Bike Show June 4, 2017 The Lake Erie British Car Club will be hosting their 19th annual car show 'The British Return to Fort Meigs' at the Fort Meigs Historical Site, The show runs from 10am to 3pm. Registration is from 9am to 12 noon. After viewing and voting on your favorite British vehicles, you will have opportunities to tour the restored fort from the War of 1812 and its museum, eat lunch at one of the food vendors or shop at one of the vendors. Voting is by popular vote. This year we will be adding a class for V-6/V-8 British conversions. Dash plaques to the first 200 registered, goody bags, and door prizes. Pre-registration is $12.00, day of show is $15.00. Event shirts are available. Mark your calendars now! Contact: Tony Shoviak Contact: Tony Shoviak. Phone: 419-878-2041. Email: Website:
June 4, 2017 Waterford, CT. - British by the Sea
The CT MG Club's 30th Anniversary at Harkness Memorial State Park. The Featured Marque for this year's 30th Anniversary is the MORRIS. As usual, our Featured Marque will be prominently displayed in the front row. We want to encourage people to come down and enjoy a day mingling with other LBC owners, talk about cars, have a picnic, a glass of wine, and also take in all that Harkness Memorial State Park has to offer. The Club donates a large amount of our proceeds to the Park. We have selected a variety of quality food vendors from hot dogs and hamburgers, lobster rolls, and wood fired brick oven pizzas. You can also bring a picnic to enjoy. The expansive lawn areas offer ample room for the display vehicles, vendors, spectator parking and a spacious area for trailer parking. Contact: Steve Wincze. Phone: 860-603-4249. Email: Website: WWW.CTMGCLUB.COM.
June 9-11, 2017 Bristol, RI. - The Drive-In
Twentieth anniversary gathering of the MG Drivers Club of North America. Held in conjunction with the British Motorcar Festival weekend in Bristol, RI. Car tours, car show, concours, street party, and so much more! Show field is at Colt State Park overlooking beautiful Narragansett Bay. Join us for this British lifestyle and auto event. Contact: Richard Miller. Phone: 908-713-6251. Email: Website:
June 18, 2017 Sussex, WI. - 2017 36th British Car Field Day
Join over 200 of your fellow British car enthusiasts for the 36nd Annual British Car Field Day in Sussex, Wisconsin on Sunday June 18th, 2017 from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm, rain or shine. Event registration is available at British Car Field Day 2017 Pre-Registration ( ) Pre-registration post marked by June 5 will speed your entry onto the field because you will not need to exit your vehicle to register after this date it is $15.00. Pre-registrations post marked on or before June 5th are $10.00 for each car or motorcycle. With over 20 classes and Dash plaque for registered cars and cycles. (Limit first 250) Refreshments will be available. THIS EVENT BENEFITS CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL OF MILWAUKEE AND THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA Contact: Bernie Evans. Phone: 414-687-8447 or (262) 521-1072. Email:
June 19-23, 2017 Solvang, CA. - Sovang, CA - GT-42 - NAMGAR (Visit LBCarCo and Say Hi to Jan and Jeff)
The North American MGA Register has their 42nd Get-Together planned for the Danish themed City of Solvang, CA. Solvang is located in the beautiful Santa Ynez region of California. The GT starts on Monday, June 19th, and finishes on Friday, June 23rd. Join us for another fun-filled time of special events, special places to visit, and great MG driving roads. Contact: Larry Pittman. Phone: 810-348-9318. Email: Website:
June 21-24, 2017 Edinburgh, IN. - TRA 2017 National Meet
Triumph Register of America's annual National meet. Judging of TR-2s through TR 4As. Participant's Choice includes all models of Triumphs. Driving events and special tours. Awards Banquet the last night. Preregistration forms on line. Contact: Tonda Macy. Phone: --. Email: Website: www.TRIUMPHREGISTER.COM.
June 22-24, 2017 Pendleton, ID. - IBCC Summer Tour 2017
Our 16th Annual Summer Tour heads west from Boise, Idaho to Pendleton, Oregon . A scenic sideroad/backroad drive through the mountains of northeast Oregon, Thursday evening welcome reception, and local activities on Friday. Saturday car show and Saturday evening awards banquet. Join us to meet new friends and renew old friendships! info at: Contact: Rod Nichols. Phone: 208-322-8237. Email: Website:
June 25, 2017 Forest Hill, MD. - Brits By The Bay
British car and motorcycle show on the beautiful grounds of the Harford Vineyard and Winery, 1311 W. Jarrettsville Rd., Forest Hill, MD 21050. Pre-Register by May 22 to Receive a Free Show T-Shirt & Dash Plaque Door Prizes, Music, & Good Ole Car Talk Food, Snacks & Beverages Available On Site Contact: Steven Horant. Phone: 443-827-6116. Email: Website:
June 25-28, 2017 San Diego, CA. - MG 2017 - NAMGBR (Visit LBCarCo and Say Hi to Jan and Jeff)
The North American MGB Register's 2017 annual convention will be in San Diego CA and is being hosted with the support of the San Diego MG Club from Sunday June 25, 2017 to Wednesday June 28, 2017. We have a fantastic event in store for everyone and you'll hopefully find all the information you need here and on the dedicated event website Contact: Tony Burgess. Phone: 800-626-4271. Email: Website:
July 9, 2017 Fairfield , OH. - British Car Day
Car show for all British Marques at Harbin Park 1300 Hunter rd. Fairfield ohio sponsored by British Car Club of Greater Cincinnati. Time 9am to 4pm, awards at 3pm. Registration is $15 prior to 7/1 and $20 after 6/30.General admission is $5 for adults,kids free. Over 70 awards,food and drinks available,door prizes, vendors and DJ music. Featured cars for 2017 are classic and new Minis Contact: Bob Meyer. Phone: 513-856-9062. Email: Website:
July 11-15, 2017 AKRON, OH. - ALL MG GOF CENTRAL
GOF Central is the premiere yearly MG event in the Midwest drawing well over 120 of the most beautiful MGs in the country!. And this year it will be held in Akron, OH Contact: Deb and Doug Keller. Phone: 330-733-1010. Email: Website:
July 22, 2017 Hudson,, NH. - British Cars of New Hampshire 21st Annual Show of Dreams
The 21st Annual Show of Dreams benefits High Hopes Foundation of NH and the NH Food Bank. Featured Marques: Austin Healey Sprite, MG Midget, Triumph Spitfire. 27+ classes of Antique & Classic British Cars, car related vendors, local craft vendors, activities, DJ entertainment, BCNH Raffle and Silent Auction, Great Food and fun for all. Car Registration: Pre-Reg. $25.00; Day of Show Reg. $35.00; Additional Car same owner--$10.00 Spectators: Free--Donation to the charities at the gate appreciated. Contact: Diana Stanley . Phone: 603-568-9795. Email: Website: 211 Derry Road (Route 102).
August 5, 2017 Schwenksville, PA. - 13th Annual Pennypacker Mills British Car Day
Hosted by the Delaware Valley Classic MG Chapter (DVCMG) August 5, 2017 10AM-2PM (voting at noon) Entry - $15/car (pre-register by 7/22) $20/car (after 7/22) Spectators free (General admission 11am) Free T-shirt to first 40 paid pre-registrants Dash plaque to all entrants Fun for the whole family! Picnic area, free tours of the mansion, nature walks, historic canal. And again this year, we will be holding the show in association with the Mansion's "In the Good Old Summertime" festival. Contact: Paul Phillips. Phone: 610-792-1158. Email: Website:
August 9-12, 2017 Princeton, NJ. - Encounter 2017
The Austin Healey Sports & Touring Club is holding its 40th annual Encounter on August 9-12, 2017 at The Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village in Princeton, NJ. All Healey enthusiasts are welcome to attend this four day convention which includes a rally, BBQ, car show, gymkhana, funkhana, tech sessions, and much more. The registration form for the event and other details may be found at Contact: Steve Feld. Phone: 973-525-9054. Email: Website:
August 10-13, 2017 Wenatchee, WA. - 2017 All Triumph Drive In (ATDI)
Annual drive in supported by TYEE (WA), PTOA (OR), and BCTOA (BC). Hosting is rotated between clubs and TYEE has honors this year. Attendance has ranged from 125 to 150 Triumphs and roughly 300 attendees for the past 20+ years. ATDI's include a car show/display with awards, challenging drives through the host area, tech sessions, and functions designed to bring a high level of participant involvement. For more information contact Contact: John Gebert. Phone: 253-217-3745. Email: Website:
August 16-19, 2017 Princeton, NJ. - Vintage Triumph Register National Convention
Celebrating 50 Years Of the Triumph GT6 The convention will be co-hosted by the Delaware Valley Triumph club and the New Jersey Triumph Association. The planning committee is working on many great back-road drives that are abundant in the area. Princeton itself is a short back-road drive to that historic town, with its many restaurants, pubs, shops, antique shops, and off course, the esteemed Princeton University. While the Concours and Participant's Choice Car Show are a major part of the convention, DVT and NJTA are "driving" clubs. We encourage all Triumph enthusiasts to bring a car-regardless of its condition. The Convention headquarters will be at the Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village. Contact: Bob De Lucia. Phone: 267-258-7071. Email: Website:
August 26, 2017 old westbury gardens, NY. - long island scottish festival & highland games
Annual Scottish Festival and Games complete with a British Sports car exhibit. Most popular(public vote) car gets a plaque and a prize. Free entry for antique British sports car and driver, contact Peter Burnside at 516 385-4107 or e- mail your request to There is a grand parade of all entries in the afternoon. We average around 7000 attendees at this event. Plenty of vendors to provide foods etc. Contact: peter burnside. Phone: 516-385-4107. Email: Website:
September 8-10, 2017 Candia, NH. - New England British Reliability Run
A three day driving event held on public roads to raise money for Boston Children's Hospital. The run is a fun drive on great roads through northern NH & western ME...we will chase the Appalachian trail as were traverse the major & minor notches in the Presidential range. Please see the web site for more info. Contact: Bob Dougherty. Phone: 603-948-2078. Email: Website:
September 1-16, 2017 United Kingdom - LBCarCo Adventure 2017 - ADVERTURE IS NOW FULL, WAIT LIST ONLY
Adventure 2017 will be in September 2017 to coincide with two huge motoring events in England - the Beaulieu autojumble and the Goodwood Revival. Both events are in southern England and will be combined with some sightseeing and touring in that area, followed by a stay in the Cotswolds, where the adventures began back in 2002. The theme will be an England revisited and retro. For the more adventuresome Jan and I are hoping to also do a Mediterranean cruise and anyone is welcome to join us for that following the actual Adventure 2017. THE ADVENTURE FILLED UP IN TWO WEEKS, BUT WE ARE HAPPY TO PUT YOUR NAME ON THE WAIT LIST. Please drop us a note if you are interested as space will be limited to about 52 people for the two weeks in England. Send the note to with the subject line of adventure 2017 and include your name, email address, phone and how many would be joining us. Contact: Jan Zorn. Website:
September 15-16, 2017 Natchez, MS. - Brits on the Bluff
Mississippi's premier English car/motorcycle show located in Natchez, MS along the high bluffs of the Mississippi River. Welcome reception on Friday night, car show on Saturday. All English cars and motorcycles welcome. People's choice awards. The Natchez Grand Hotel is the host hotel. Contact: John Turbeville. Phone: 601-940-5288. Email: Website:
September 16, 2017 Delaware City, Delaware, DE. - Brits By The River
The British Car Club of Delaware will once again be holding its 'Brits By The River' show in historic downtown Delaware City on Sept.16,2017. Open to all makes, models and years of British vehicles. This year the feature marque will be Sunbeam. Dash plaques to the first 75, popular choice awards, convenient indoor dining and restrooms. New this year is a car corral area where you can display your car for sale. $15 pre-registration until 9/9/2017, $20 afterwards. Register early as classes will be determined by pre- registration numbers. Event flyer available at Contact: Sue Henderson. Phone: 302-331-6027. Email: Website:
September 15-17, 2017 Stowe, VT. - British Invasion
Stowe VT - British Invasion XXVII, September 15-17th, 2017 ('A Jolly Good Time') The British Invasion is a weekend celebration of all things British. Annually we attract 550-650 British Cars from Canada and the eastern United States. The Town of Stowe welcomes the 'Invaders' with a Big Main Street Party on Friday evening with a live band from 6:30-9:30 PM. Saturday is the Concours d'Elegance (Judged with a New Category for PRESERVATION Cars), the British Classic (People's Choice), a Car Corral, British Vendors, Ladies Hat Competition with awards presented by the 'Queen', Food and British Invasion Music. Registrants and General Admission attendees are encourage to dress in British Fashion with awards issued in several categories. Saturday also feature the 'British Attire Competition,' which is open to Car Show Registrants & Guest, and the General Public, where our roving judges seek out the most original and most interesting British Dressed attendees. Sunday starts with a morning, 70 minute, run over Smuggler's Notch and the back roads for the Car Show Registrants, meanwhile back at the show field we feature a driving review of the Saturday Winners, a Competition of Colors, and a Tailgate Picnic Competition, and more. Car Club Display Award. Gates open to the public at 9:00 AM Saturday and Sunday. General Admission is $15 for a 2-day Pass or $10 for Sunday only. For arriving early in Stowe Thursday offers the 'Basin Harbor Driving Tour.' For complete information visit Contact: Michael Gaetano - Event Coordinator. Phone: 508-395-6663. Email:
September 21-24, 2017 Young Harris, GA. - Mayhem in the Mountains
We're taking over the mountains for the SE Fall GOF. This year, we're excited to be heading our MG's back to the North Georgia Mountains, and our host hotel is the perfect location. With just 66 rooms, The Ridges Resort sits on the edge of Lake Chatuge and is just what you expect from a cozy mountain lodge. 'Mayhem in the Mountains' will be a celebration of all things Harvest, so be prepared for pumpkins, cool weather, and beautiful Fall drives. Contact: Beth Lowy. Phone: --. Email: Website:
September 30, 2017 Street, MD. - 38th Annual MG's on the Rocks
What was once just a gathering of a few local members for a picnic is now one of the premier annual events for all British car owners in the Mid Atlantic Region. Each year we have over 200 cars with MGs of all Models and 8 classes of other British Marques. Popular vote balloting by the car owners is from 10:00 until 1:00 and awards are given out about 3:00 p.m. Winners, chosen by car owner peers, receive awards at their cars as the crowd walks around the show field at the end. Things To Remember Pre-register! Awards are generally 3 per class, but may vary as pre-registration indicates. Contact: Richard Liddick. Phone: 410-817-6862. Email: Website:
October 6-7, 2017 Myrtle Beach, SC. - Britfest 2017
"Myrtle Beach Britfest 2017" Car Show will be held on Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017, at The Market Common, Myrtle Beach, SC. Come and enjoy a British car extravaganza and celebrate Octoberfest in the balmy warmth of autumn at the beach! More information and a registration flyer will become available at as the date nears. Contact: Rod Smith. Phone: 843-651-7644. Email: Website: .
October 6-7, 2017 Waynesboro, VA. - SVBCC 36th British Car Festival
British Car Festival is among the oldest of its kind and one of the few multi-day British car events on the east coast. Over 150 entrants from more than 10 states participate each year.Held in a wonderful park setting. We welcome all British marques and makes in all conditions. A show-quality car is not needed to share in the fun of this great event. Awards are based on voting by participants! Friday Evening Social Event; Saturdsy Car Show; Saturday Banquet; Contact: Michael FitzGeorge. Email: Website:
October 12-15, 2017 Lake Guntersville Lodge, AL. - Austin Healey SouthEastern Classic 27
The Atlanta Healey Club proudly announces a return to Lake Guntersville in northern Alabama for SE Classic XXXI. We will host a Car Show at the Beach, Poker Run Rally, Gymkhana, Funkhana and other fun things to see or do. Brochure: southeastern-classic-std-2017-v8 Meet your Healey friends here October 12-15, 2017. We will have over 80 Healeys attend from as far west as Texas and as far north as Canada. Mark your calendars today. Lake Guntersville State Park is gorgeous in October. See you there! Contact: Charlie Moshell. Phone: 770-831-8669. Email: Website:
October 22, 2017 TBD, NJ. - North American Cecil Kimber Run
A British car tour on an all new route thru the beautiful Skylands region of northwestern NJ at the peak of the Fall Foliage season with a late lunch at the end. Celebrating the founder of the MG marque but open to ALL British vehicles classic and modern. Contact: Richard Miller. Phone: 908-713-6251. Email: Website:

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