LBCarCo Newsflash 06/04/2017

Wind Blockers Really Work - Great For Anytime Driving and Perfect for all Seasons

This is one of the more popular items we sell! It really does keep your hair down or that hat on when you drive your TR7, TR8, MGB, MGA, Midget/Sprite, Big Healey, Bugeye/Frogeye (early and late) or Triumph TR 6/250/4A. I get so many comments about how great they are at the shows it amazes me. Some models are now Limited availability or Special Order only.

Keep your passenger happy too and enjoy your top down without the constant rush of air that can make top down driving so uncomfortable. With the Wind Blocker in place and your windows rolled up, it is almost like having your top up. Your Lexan Wind Blocker is VERY easy to install and you can take it on and off in a "breeze." Get yours today and drive in style and comfort down the highway ;) Still priced from only $160 visit our website for all the details and order one today! It REALLY Does Work, just ask Jan!

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LBCarCo Exclusive - British style driving cap is now available in a black & white herringbone wool blend with logos for Austin-Healey, Jaguar, MG or Triumph. Perfect for anytime of the year. Choose from two sizes

Large/XL measuring 58cm which is Hat Size 7 1/4.
Small/Medium measuring 56cm which is Hat Size 7.

Each cap has an embroidered logo on the rear in red. Only $25.

Be stylish get one today.

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Marque License Plate Frames - Stainless Steel, Black Powder Coated and Plastic Choices

These Beautiful License Plate Frames will a that touch of Class to your LBC. Available in two finishes too. The top of the line Mirror Bright Chromium 304 Stainless Steel Frame or the Black Powder Coated 304 Stainless Steel Frame guaranteed for 10 years of exterior use. These of course will not rust and will look great on ANY LBC. I love the Union Jack frame as it as a nice touch of color and looks great on Jan's MINI Cooper.

Also available for only $5.00 you can surround your License Plate with one of our Union Jack License Plate Frames. Made of durable plastic.

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MGA Stainless Steel Mesh Grille Kit, Also Available for MGA MKII

Spoil your MGA or MGA MKII with a beautiful stainless steel Mesh Grille!

This is the ultimate upgrade of form and function: Killer Good Looks, and Superlative Cooling Ability.

From vintage to modern times, race cars and elite sports cars wore mesh, and MG racers were no exception. While ably protecting the radiator from stones and other debris, they allow Far more air to your radiator than common slatted grilles, even when every other slat is removed! And on top of that they just look incredible.

This kit fits aftermarket as well as original MGA grilles. Installation involves removing the slat assembly from your current grille, and replacing it with the formed mesh and custom brackets of this kit. This is not a difficult task, requiring only a few basic tools. Does not fit recessed MKII style grilles.

Kit comes with detailed illustrated instructions for the 1500/1600, to transform your MGA into an eye-catching and better performing sports car.

This Mk2 kit fits aftermarket as well as original MGA grilles. Installation involves removing the slat assembly from your current grille, and replacing it with our formed mesh and custom brackets. This is not a difficult task, requiring only a few basic tools.

Either NOW Available for only $125.00 from LBCarCo.

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MGB Stainless Steel Mesh Grille Kit

Spoil your 62-74 MGB with a beautiful stainless steel Mesh Grille!

This is the ultimate upgrade of form and function: Killer Good Looks, and Superlative Cooling Ability.

There are several versions of the MGB Chrome Grille, each with it's own geometric variations, so it is left to YOU to devise a way to mount this piece. Mesh is sent as a rectangle, cut on a 45 so the squares are oriented like diamonds (as in photo). If you are good with tools, the results are stunning!

NOW Available for only $55.00 from LBCarCo.


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Molly Mini Children's Books - LIMITED SUPPLY

MOLLY MINI SERIES Mini Car Children's storybook, Mini Car Colouring books, Mini Car Counting Numbers book, Mini Car Colours book, Mini Car Activity books, Early learning, Toddler and babies, Special book, Educational, 2-6years and 5-8years.

These are the delightful children's character storybook, colouring books and workbooks based on Molly Mini. Molly Mini has many adventures with her pals Brandon and Joshua and her friend Minnie Mini. They live in the small seaside town of Exmouth. On a visit to see Minnie, Molly finds herself at a surprise car show. On arrival at Minnie’s place, Molly discovers that her friend has entered the show but Emily has not finished getting her ready ... will she make it to the show in time? Join Molly, Brandon and Joshua on their journey to visit Minnie and find out all the answers. Educational - ages 3-9 years - covers courtesy, manners and being helpful to others. Travel-size book.

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Pertronix Stock Look Universal 7MM Wire Sets for Your LBC

Now you can get a "stock-look" spark plug wire, that performs! Pertronix has designed these wires with the same core that they use in their 8mm wire. The only real difference is the 7mm flat black silicone jacket that hides its performance potential from the naked eye. Get the best of both worlds with "state-of-the-art performance and a stock look."

The Universal 7mm “Stock-Look” spark plug wire kits featuring either a 90° or straight spark plug boots. Each universal set includes terminals to fit both male and female terminal distributor caps. Available for either 4 or 6 cylinder LBC's.


Two current paths for reliability and redundancy.
Primary path: Spiral wound stainless steel alloy.
Secondary path: Carbon impregnated fiberglass center core.
7mm Silicone jacket to resist high temperatures, moisture, oil and chemicals.
EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Methylene) rubber inner insulation for superior heat resistance and prevention of arcing and voltage leaks.
Fiberglass reinforcing braid for added strength and flexibility. Lifetime Warranty.

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Dual Gas Charged Hood and Boot/GT Gate Props for your MGB and MGBGT

The perfect solution! Dual Gas Charged Hood and Boot/GT Gate Props for your MGB are really a great item. It will prevent your bonnet or boot from being damaged by the old fashioned manual prop. The exciting news though is that the Bonnet Props can be used on all MGB from 1962 to 1980. This is great news since so many folks that have aluminum bonnets have asked for some sort of automatic hood prop. You will find these priced just right from only $55.00 for our complete kit. GT Gate Props pictured.

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Keep Calm Folks - Now at LBCarCo

Just in! Now you can Keep Calm any time you wear this T-Shirt. A bit of background - this was a motivational poster produced by the British government in 1939, several months before the beginning of World War II to raise the morale of the British public in the aftermath of widely predicted air attacks on major cities. But, for some reason, it had only limited distribution and was little known by the public at that time. Rediscovered in 2000, it caught on and (with various variations) pops up not only on posters, but shirts, coffee cups, tote bags and more. Wear a bit of history and have some fun. They are only $15 each, sizes small through XXL.

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Huge 9 x 6 foot Union Jack Flag.

This huge nine by six foot polyester Union Jack Flag will be the hit of the Party where ever you have one. Folks will know this is the place to be. You can't miss it when you have this flag on display.

Use it at car shows too and drape your LBC in it! Every show registration tent should have one on display too. Priced at only $30 (.55 per square foot) order one today!

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Your Pet is Family Too...Cat & Dog Collars - Very Cool!

We have one of the most requested fun items that we can recall. These are beautiful Dog and Cat Collars, Leads and Harness' just for our furry friends. These are all designed in a Union Jack pattern that will make your pet really special and now they too and 'fit' in. Shown here is Minee (RIP) modeling her Cat Collar. She never wore a collar before and Jan and I were really surprised that she did not try to take it off. She must have been really proud of it! Priced from only $9.00 order one now!

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Lanyard and Camera Neckstrap

These Lanyards serve many uses. You can use them as a name tag holder, key holder, camera strap (it has a quick release attachment for cameras) and you can also release the bottom portion so it is easy to use your keys or camera. The clasp that holds your keys is a positive lock clasp. Available in United Kingdom Union Jack, Scotland's St. Andrews Cross and Ireland. Priced at only $5.00

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Logo Fleece Blanket with Carry Strap - NEW!

This blanket is soft, light, and warm, perfect for in the car or at home. 100% spun polyester fleece blanket in red with embroidered LBC Car Logo in Austin-Healey, Triumph, MG, Mini and Jaguar logo and black carry strap. Sturdily constructed with a dyed-to-match blanket stitch hem to guard against fraying. Easy to carry strap makes it perfect for events too. Dimensions are a generous 50" x 60" approx. Value priced at just $25.

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Classic Mini, Morris Minor and Miata Parts and Accessories at LBCarCo

Don't forget we also carry all the Moss Classic Mini, Morris Minor and Miata Parts and Accessories on our site, check it out and save a few bucks on these items. There are lots of performance, trim, chrome, interior and fun items for you to choose from. Just use the Moss part number in our search page. Click on the car logos at the top of our site and you can download the pdf version of the catalog. Save some of your hard earned dollars at LBCarCo.

If you have one of these cars please stop by and visit our site. Save a few bucks with our easy online ordering today, just use the Moss part number on our search page. Prices subject to change without notice.

LBCarCo Loyalty Program - Save $150 or $200 Off Your Next Order

Loyalty Program Points will be $1.00 spent equals one point. (no cash value)

Our LOYALTY program lets you save either $150 or $200 on your next order. Now you can redeem a block of 3000 points for $150 off your next order, or 4000 points for $200 off your next order. If you have the required number of points just put a note in the comment section of your order and we will apply either the 3000 or 4000 point level to your order. Order must be at least equal to the Loyalty Credit requested. Can be applied to sale merchandise too, but not to shipping or any applicable taxes. Limited to One Block of Points Per Order. Limited to One Block of Points Per Order. Some parts such as superchargers, transmissions, parts from some vendors, special orders, magazines, and others may be excluded due to low margins.

We will also give our customers a head start by back dating your points to August 1, 2005. So most everything you have purchased so far from that date forward will count towards your points balance. We won't be sending out statements like the airlines do so we ask that you keep track please, but if you think you may be close you can email us anytime and we can let you know what your points balance is (points balance may only be obtained via email). Please note that cash and points cannot be combined and there is no cash value to this offer and orders must be placed via our website. Program subject to change at any time.

Spam or Not to Spam

In this day and age Spam is not a good thing as we all know, but at one time it was the main staple to feed our troops in the field. Somehow this word has now been attached to unwanted emails. Our Chatter can also be viewed as Spam by some folks that get it when we send a NewsFlash or Chatter. PLEASE if you decide you don't want our emails rather than choosing to block it click on the link at the top of the Chatter or NewsFlash that says:

"To unsubscribe from our mailing list, please click here."

You will be automatically removed from our list no questions asked. Some folks enjoy reading the Chatter, which includes tech tips, event listings and more, but if you decide to block our newsletters with your Spam Blocker this sends a Blacklist warning to many ISP's and can prevent other folks from receiving our information.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Read All About It - Subscribe Today at LBCarCo Savings to the British Marque Newspaper

Since we started offering this item it has been a big hit with our readers. Are you looking for something interesting to read every month (11 issues per year) that is dedicated to only British Cars? Are you tired of the same old stories in those BI-monthly or quarterly glossy publications? Well we have just the prescription for you! I have been receiving this Tabloid Newspaper now for over 7 years and love reading it every month. It is informative, full of great articles, a superb monthly events calendar, classifieds (free to list for subscribers up to 20 words - non-commercial), our new printed version of the LBCarCo Tech Tips Column, lots of club news from all parts of North America and the World, relevant advertising for accessories and parts suppliers (other than LBCarCo of course ;) and more. Subscribe today and start enjoying your monthly dose of LBC reading NOW!! We are sure you will love this publication that is why we have made arrangements to offer one of the best annual subscription values around. Give a subscription as a gift or get one for yourself.

You always SAVE with LBCarCo! Regular Subscriptions are $26.00 U.S., $38.00 Canadian and $50 for the Rest of the World per year. When you subscribe via LBCarCo you will get our Low Subscription Rate starting at only $16.00 per year for USA Subscriptions.

Each subscriber is also entitled to one free classified (up to 20 words) per issue. Sell those extra parts lying around, or even your LBC. (This is for non-commercial ads only!) Don't delay - Subscribe today on our Specials/Gifts pages! Please note that LBCarCo gift certificates from events and tech tip credits can not be redeemed for publication subscriptions.

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On The Borderline by Rick Astley/3

Our good friend Rick Astley of British Car Electrical Book fame also has a funny side when he is not delving into the electrical issues of British automotive mysteries.

Rick has been doing these cartoons for our local MG Club for years and I thought that they might be cute to share and Rick gave us permission to publish them. They tend to be leaning to the Detroit/Windsor area but I think they are very humorous and as you can see Rick and his MGB along with his lovely wife are usually the personalities in the cartoons. They are all in fun and we hope you enjoy.

Oversize Shipping

On April 11, 2013 We were notified by Moss that their oversize fee structure would be put into place that day. (it has always been there to some extent, but now is formal.) This has been coming for some time now since the cost of shipping has steadily been rising and the carriers have continued to reduce the size requirements for standard packaging.

You will notice when you check out on our website (also on the Moss website and in the new Moss catalogs - available for PDF downloading on their or our website - click on the car logos to download) oversize parts are indicated and the extra cost for shipping them. Note there may be some parts that they have have not indicated as oversize but actually are. If they charge us for an oversize fee we may have to bill you for the fee and will then add it to the oversize fee notations on our site for future reference (we are never told in advance.)

LBCarCo always will attempt to give you the best prices and shipping rates whenever possible and we are also looking for avenues to save you, our customers money. Some of these cost saving methods are our Loyalty Program, slight delays in shipping to consolidate your order for more economical shipping when possible, shipping by a different carrier such as post when possible and more. We will be constantly monitoring this new program and will tweak it as needed.

This is very rare but on orders shipped by air that are over oversize, by weight or dimensions, we reserve the right to charge actual shipping. Usually shipments via air are considered oversize if over 12 x 12 x 12". Please ask us for a quote on air shipping in advance or we will notify you if you have requested this on your order by checking the confirm carriage before shipping block.

All quotations on shipping are approximate since actual shipping cost may vary some depending on fuel surcharges, actual size and weight once packed and when the order is actually shipped. Every effort has been made to provide accurate information. We reserve the right to correct typographical errors and will not be held liable for inaccuracy of pricing, descriptions or applications.

LBCarCo Gallery of Stars - Is Your LBC a Star, Upload it Here! WE WANT YOUR LBC!!

Is your LBC a Star? Well we all know that each and every one of our little beauties is a star in our own eyes. Take a LOOK at our NEW gallery set up for our customers and friends to show off their pride and joys. Each week customers send me images to show me their newly done restoration (with parts from LBCarCo of course) or just to let me know what their LBC looks like. Now you can display YOUR LBC for everyone to see. We have had numerous requests for this feature over the years and now it is here. There are categories for most of the marques as well as an other British Category and of course a British Motorcycle category too.

This Issues Car Star is Jeff and Jan Zorn's MGB 1963 MKI pull handle. This is our 1963 OEW MGB (on the left), purchased in 2003. Pic was taken at Dayton BCD. Her name is EmmieB.

We also have included a FOR SALE category that will allow your image and any notes on your LBC to be posted for 30 days from upload date. We really hope you like these features.

To access the gallery, to view or to upload your image, please click on the word GALLERY on the Blue Top Bar of our website from any page. Once it is uploaded it will be reviewed and once approved will be released. This should only take a day or less. Have fun! Jan and I can't wait to see all your LBC's.

LBCarCo Tech Tips - Each Chatter a New Reader Submitted Tech Tip! (WE NEED TECH TIPS PLEASE)


Tech Tip this issue is from James Hassall. Thanks Jim ($20.00 will be credited to your LBCarCo account) Please contact us ASAP for further info.

Bonnet Alignment Help

It is easy to mis-align the bonnet catch for the TR series of cars (and perhaps others, too), often resulting in a jammed release and lots of headaches. To ensure a good alignment on my TR:

I 'painted' some white lithium grease on the bottom washer of the hood fastener assembly (#802-275), gingerly lowered the bonnet and watched the imprint it left on the catch plate assembly (#802-230. Then I adjusted the hood fastener until the catch plate engaged the fastener perfectly. This will also save the paint on your nicely painted catch plate.


Please Keep those TIPS and Humorous Stories coming, WE ALWAYS NEED THEM!

You can earn a $20 purchase credit for each Tip or Story that is published in our weekly mailing. Please send your tech tips or other submission to me at put the words Tech Tip or Story in the subject line please. If you don't currently have an account with LBCarCo you can still make a submission. We will provide your credit of $20.00 (only one credit may be used per order/shipment, not valid for subscriptions) any time you should purchase something online from LBCarCo. Humorous Story or an article about and picture of your first LBC you would like to share with our audience, drop me a note along with the submission. They should be no more than 500 to 1,000 words. If we use it we will provide you with a $20 LBCarCo purchase credit.

Tech Tips are a service of LBCarCo and our friends and customers. They are provided on a use at your own risk basis. These tech tips may be reprinted in club publications as long as credit is given to Little British Car Co, LTD along with reference to our website and the individual that provided the tip. All award certificates or credits such as show, email, tech tip etc. (but not limited to) are good for one year from date of award. Paid gift certificates do not expire.

You can now view our entire list of previous tech tips by visiting LBCarCo Tech Tips or by clicking on the link at the top of our website.

Event Listing - Your Events can Appear in This Newsletter

Please note: Events that we are scheduled below to attend may change at the last minute due to chance of inclement weather, equipment failure, etc. We always will try to make the events we have scheduled but due to the distances we may have to travel (and associated costs to visit an event) it may not be possible, especially if the weather forecast is not good. We apologize in advance if we are not able to attend.

LBCarCo is pleased to publish British Car event information of interest to everyone in our weekly newsletter for any National/Regional Register or Club of any British Marque. Please let us know at least two weeks before your event. To add your event click on our Add Event link and follow the directions. Once it is reviewed and accepted it will be published on our events page and placed in our weekly Chatter. We will also indicate which events we will be at and hopefully if you are there you will stop by and say hello, we would love to see you.

June 18, 2017 Arlington, VA. - Crystal City Father's Day Car Festival
Celebrate this Fathers Day in style amongst heavy machinery and horsepower at the Crystal Car Fathers Day Auto Festival. A free Fathers Day auto festival in partnership with Carsfera, the day will feature a variety of exciting automobile categories including innovative electric vehicles, area sports car auto clubs, classic muscle cars, motorcycles, and more. Enjoy a refreshing beverage in the beer garden, listen to great live music, and let the kids expend their energy in the bounce house and the race car painting and race track.This year's event will also feature an artistic element as creative artists apply their talents to the Crystal City BID's Toyota Prius. Contact: Joseph Petty. Phone: --. Email: Website:
June 18, 2017 Cazenovia, NY. - EuroCar 2017
The MG Car Club of Central New York presents the 16th annual Eurocar European Motorcar & Motorbike show, to be held on the lawns of Lorenzo State Historic Park, @ Rt 13 & 20, Cazenovia, NY. The Largest European Car and Motorbike Event in Central New York! As always, entrant door prizes, music and food vendors and spectators are free. A portion of the proceeds will go to a non-profit of Central New York. Show Field opens at 9:00 AM and the show will run from 9am to 3 pm, with a diverse range of vehicles dating from Pre-war through current day luxury sport models. Participant Judging from 10 am to 1 pm! Pre-Registration $10.00, day of Show $15.00. Please visit our website for details Contact: Jamie Currier-Dix. Phone: 315-592-1641. Email: Website: .
June 18, 2017 Sussex, WI. - 2017 36th British Car Field Day
Join over 200 of your fellow British car enthusiasts for the 36nd Annual British Car Field Day in Sussex, Wisconsin on Sunday June 18th, 2017 from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm, rain or shine. Event registration is available at British Car Field Day 2017 Pre-Registration ( ) Pre-registration post marked by June 5 will speed your entry onto the field because you will not need to exit your vehicle to register after this date it is $15.00. Pre-registrations post marked on or before June 5th are $10.00 for each car or motorcycle. With over 20 classes and Dash plaque for registered cars and cycles. (Limit first 250) Refreshments will be available. THIS EVENT BENEFITS CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL OF MILWAUKEE AND THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA Contact: Bernie Evans. Phone: 414-687-8447 or (262) 521-1072. Email:
June 19-23, 2017 Solvang, CA. - Sovang, CA - GT-42 - NAMGAR (Visit LBCarCo and Say Hi to Jan and Jeff)
The North American MGA Register has their 42nd Get-Together planned for the Danish themed City of Solvang, CA. Solvang is located in the beautiful Santa Ynez region of California. The GT starts on Monday, June 19th, and finishes on Friday, June 23rd. Join us for another fun-filled time of special events, special places to visit, and great MG driving roads. Contact: Larry Pittman. Phone: 810-348-9318. Email: Website:
June 21-24, 2017 Edinburgh, IN. - TRA 2017 National Meet
Triumph Register of America's annual National meet. Judging of TR-2s through TR 4As. Participant's Choice includes all models of Triumphs. Driving events and special tours. Awards Banquet the last night. Preregistration forms on line. Contact: Tonda Macy. Phone: --. Email: Website: www.TRIUMPHREGISTER.COM.
June 22-24, 2017 Pendleton, ID. - IBCC Summer Tour 2017
Our 16th Annual Summer Tour heads west from Boise, Idaho to Pendleton, Oregon . A scenic sideroad/backroad drive through the mountains of northeast Oregon, Thursday evening welcome reception, and local activities on Friday. Saturday car show and Saturday evening awards banquet. Join us to meet new friends and renew old friendships! info at: Contact: Rod Nichols. Phone: 208-322-8237. Email: Website:
June 25, 2017 Forest Hill, MD. - Brits By The Bay
British car and motorcycle show on the beautiful grounds of the Harford Vineyard and Winery, 1311 W. Jarrettsville Rd., Forest Hill, MD 21050. Pre-Register by May 22 to Receive a Free Show T-Shirt & Dash Plaque Door Prizes, Music, & Good Ole Car Talk Food, Snacks & Beverages Available On Site Contact: Steven Horant. Phone: 443-827-6116. Email: Website:
June 25-28, 2017 San Diego, CA. - MG 2017 - NAMGBR (Visit LBCarCo and Say Hi to Jan and Jeff)
The North American MGB Register's 2017 annual convention will be in San Diego CA and is being hosted with the support of the San Diego MG Club from Sunday June 25, 2017 to Wednesday June 28, 2017. We have a fantastic event in store for everyone and you'll hopefully find all the information you need here and on the dedicated event website Contact: Tony Burgess. Phone: 800-626-4271. Email: Website:
July 8-9, 2017 Hickory Corners, MI. - Mad Dogs $ Englishmen Auto Faire XXVII
Mark your calendar and plan to attend one of the best British Car Shows in the Midwest. We attract over 350 cars and motorcycles. 80 awards in 30 categories. Included this year, valve cover racing, car games, Tea Time, 1960 era fashion show. Featured Marque are Land Rovers and Rover cars. Rare Gem highlights cars from 1967. The show is on Sunday at Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners Michigan. On Saturday before Is The Amazing Rally. Starting point DENOOYER Jaguar dealership on Stadium Drive in Kalamazoo. Culminating at The Beacon Club in Portage, Michigan Contact: Susan Lane. Phone: 269-344-5555. Email: Website:
July 9, 2017 Fairfield , OH. - British Car Day
Car show for all British Marques at Harbin Park 1300 Hunter rd. Fairfield ohio sponsored by British Car Club of Greater Cincinnati. Time 9am to 4pm, awards at 3pm. Registration is $15 prior to 7/1 and $20 after 6/30.General admission is $5 for adults,kids free. Over 70 awards,food and drinks available,door prizes, vendors and DJ music. Featured cars for 2017 are classic and new Minis Contact: Bob Meyer. Phone: 513-856-9062. Email: Website:
July 11-15, 2017 AKRON, OH. - ALL MG GOF CENTRAL
GOF Central is the premiere yearly MG event in the Midwest drawing well over 120 of the most beautiful MGs in the country!. And this year it will be held in Akron, OH Contact: Deb and Doug Keller. Phone: 330-733-1010. Email: Website:
July 22, 2017 Hudson,, NH. - British Cars of New Hampshire 21st Annual Show of Dreams
The 21st Annual Show of Dreams benefits High Hopes Foundation of NH and the NH Food Bank. Featured Marques: Austin Healey Sprite, MG Midget, Triumph Spitfire. 27+ classes of Antique & Classic British Cars, car related vendors, local craft vendors, activities, DJ entertainment, BCNH Raffle and Silent Auction, Great Food and fun for all. Car Registration: Pre-Reg. $25.00; Day of Show Reg. $35.00; Additional Car same owner--$10.00 Spectators: Free--Donation to the charities at the gate appreciated. Contact: Diana Stanley . Phone: 603-568-9795. Email: Website: 211 Derry Road (Route 102).
August 5, 2017 Schwenksville, PA. - 13th Annual Pennypacker Mills British Car Day
Hosted by the Delaware Valley Classic MG Chapter (DVCMG) August 5, 2017 10AM-2PM (voting at noon) Entry - $15/car (pre-register by 7/22) $20/car (after 7/22) Spectators free (General admission 11am) Free T-shirt to first 40 paid pre-registrants Dash plaque to all entrants Fun for the whole family! Picnic area, free tours of the mansion, nature walks, historic canal. And again this year, we will be holding the show in association with the Mansion's "In the Good Old Summertime" festival. Contact: Paul Phillips. Phone: 610-792-1158. Email: Website:
August 9-12, 2017 Princeton, NJ. - Encounter 2017
The Austin Healey Sports & Touring Club is holding its 40th annual Encounter on August 9-12, 2017 at The Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village in Princeton, NJ. All Healey enthusiasts are welcome to attend this four day convention which includes a rally, BBQ, car show, gymkhana, funkhana, tech sessions, and much more. The registration form for the event and other details may be found at Contact: Steve Feld. Phone: 973-525-9054. Email: Website:
August 10-13, 2017 Wenatchee, WA. - 2017 All Triumph Drive In (ATDI)
Annual drive in supported by TYEE (WA), PTOA (OR), and BCTOA (BC). Hosting is rotated between clubs and TYEE has honors this year. Attendance has ranged from 125 to 150 Triumphs and roughly 300 attendees for the past 20+ years. ATDI's include a car show/display with awards, challenging drives through the host area, tech sessions, and functions designed to bring a high level of participant involvement. For more information contact Contact: John Gebert. Phone: 253-217-3745. Email: Website:
August 16-19, 2017 Princeton, NJ. - Vintage Triumph Register National Convention
Celebrating 50 Years Of the Triumph GT6 The convention will be co-hosted by the Delaware Valley Triumph club and the New Jersey Triumph Association. The planning committee is working on many great back-road drives that are abundant in the area. Princeton itself is a short back-road drive to that historic town, with its many restaurants, pubs, shops, antique shops, and off course, the esteemed Princeton University. While the Concours and Participant's Choice Car Show are a major part of the convention, DVT and NJTA are "driving" clubs. We encourage all Triumph enthusiasts to bring a car-regardless of its condition. The Convention headquarters will be at the Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village. Contact: Bob De Lucia. Phone: 267-258-7071. Email: Website:
August 26, 2017 old westbury gardens, NY. - long island scottish festival & highland games
Annual Scottish Festival and Games complete with a British Sports car exhibit. Most popular(public vote) car gets a plaque and a prize. Free entry for antique British sports car and driver, contact Peter Burnside at 516 385-4107 or e- mail your request to There is a grand parade of all entries in the afternoon. We average around 7000 attendees at this event. Plenty of vendors to provide foods etc. Contact: peter burnside. Phone: 516-385-4107. Email: Website:
August 25-27, 2017 Historic Rugby, TN. - 7th Return of The British - 2017
Return of the British. British Car and Bike show held in a 1880s British village. Awards, Prizes, Silent Auction, drive, guided hike in national park and more! Each class with a pre-registered entry, and classes with 2 or more entries will receive awards. First 50 registrants receive a free dash plaque. Friday, the 25th is for visiting with old friends and making new ones at the Harrow Road Café. Saturday, the 26th, is Show day; 9:00AM to 2:30PM. Saturday evening the Remains of the British will gather at Oak Lodge for repast and libations (bring some to share). Sunday AM, breakfast at the Harrow Road Café and then on the road. Call now for discounted B&B accommodations for registrants; call Historic Rugby at 888-214-3400 or 423-628-2441 and tell them you're with the British Car Show. Privately owned accommodations are listed on the registration web site. Show registration forms available at Contact: Charlie Bunnell. Phone: 931-210-3732. Email:
September 3, 2017 Lancaster, NY. - 34th Autumn Sports Classic Car Show
the Buffalo Octagon Association will be the host. Family oriented event held at Como Lake Park Casino. Lots of classes, judging by popular vote and starts at noon. Dash plaques to the first 125 entrants, trophies awarded by 4pm. Free to the public, fee for those entering a car. Food & beverages available, games ,door prizes, 50/50 split raffle, Chinese auction. Bring the whole family! Portion of proceeds donated to local charities. For more information or to pre-register for the show, please call 632-9001 or go to . Contact: Larry Vito. Email:
September 8-10, 2017 Candia, NH. - New England British Reliability Run
A three day driving event held on public roads to raise money for Boston Children's Hospital. The run is a fun drive on great roads through northern NH & western ME...we will chase the Appalachian trail as were traverse the major & minor notches in the Presidential range. Please see the web site for more info. Contact: Bob Dougherty. Phone: 603-948-2078. Email: Website:
September 1-16, 2017 United Kingdom - LBCarCo Adventure 2017 - ADVERTURE IS NOW FULL, WAIT LIST ONLY
Adventure 2017 will be in September 2017 to coincide with two huge motoring events in England - the Beaulieu autojumble and the Goodwood Revival. Both events are in southern England and will be combined with some sightseeing and touring in that area, followed by a stay in the Cotswolds, where the adventures began back in 2002. The theme will be an England revisited and retro. For the more adventuresome Jan and I are hoping to also do a Mediterranean cruise and anyone is welcome to join us for that following the actual Adventure 2017. THE ADVENTURE FILLED UP IN TWO WEEKS, BUT WE ARE HAPPY TO PUT YOUR NAME ON THE WAIT LIST. Please drop us a note if you are interested as space will be limited to about 52 people for the two weeks in England. Send the note to with the subject line of adventure 2017 and include your name, email address, phone and how many would be joining us. Contact: Jan Zorn. Website:
September 15-16, 2017 Natchez, MS. - Brits on the Bluff
Mississippi's premier English car/motorcycle show located in Natchez, MS along the high bluffs of the Mississippi River. Welcome reception on Friday night, car show on Saturday. All English cars and motorcycles welcome. People's choice awards. The Natchez Grand Hotel is the host hotel. Contact: John Turbeville. Phone: 601-940-5288. Email: Website:
September 16, 2017 Delaware City, Delaware, DE. - Brits By The River
The British Car Club of Delaware will once again be holding its 'Brits By The River' show in historic downtown Delaware City on Sept.16,2017. Open to all makes, models and years of British vehicles. This year the feature marque will be Sunbeam. Dash plaques to the first 75, popular choice awards, convenient indoor dining and restrooms. New this year is a car corral area where you can display your car for sale. $15 pre-registration until 9/9/2017, $20 afterwards. Register early as classes will be determined by pre- registration numbers. Event flyer available at Contact: Sue Henderson. Phone: 302-331-6027. Email: Website:
September 16, 2017 Ocean Grove, NJ. - Brits on the Beach 2017
Brits on the Beach 2017: 20th Annual British Car Day at Historic Ocean Grove, NJ on Saturday, Sept. 16th. Presented by the Positive Earth Drivers Club. Judging by participants choice, dash plaques for the first 135 cars. Walk the Ocean Boardwalk just 2 blocks from the show field. Have lunch at one of Ocean Grove's many cafes and restaurants. Stroll the Main Ave. business district and check out the town's antique dealers, gift shops, clothing stores and other businesses. Tour the area and see the historic Great Hall, quaint Tent City and the many Victorian Hotels, Inns and other buildings. This is the one car show your spouse will want to come to! The show will go on rain or shine, contact us or see our web site for full details. Phone: 732-620-2378. Email: . Website: GPS address: 59 Main Avenue, Ocean Grove, NJ 07756 Contact: Bob Canfield. Phone: 732-620-2378. Email: Website:
September 15-17, 2017 Stowe, VT. - British Invasion
Stowe VT - British Invasion XXVII, September 15-17th, 2017 ('A Jolly Good Time') The British Invasion is a weekend celebration of all things British. Annually we attract 550-650 British Cars from Canada and the eastern United States. The Town of Stowe welcomes the 'Invaders' with a Big Main Street Party on Friday evening with a live band from 6:30-9:30 PM. Saturday is the Concours d'Elegance (Judged with a New Category for PRESERVATION Cars), the British Classic (People's Choice), a Car Corral, British Vendors, Ladies Hat Competition with awards presented by the 'Queen', Food and British Invasion Music. Registrants and General Admission attendees are encourage to dress in British Fashion with awards issued in several categories. Saturday also feature the 'British Attire Competition,' which is open to Car Show Registrants & Guest, and the General Public, where our roving judges seek out the most original and most interesting British Dressed attendees. Sunday starts with a morning, 70 minute, run over Smuggler's Notch and the back roads for the Car Show Registrants, meanwhile back at the show field we feature a driving review of the Saturday Winners, a Competition of Colors, and a Tailgate Picnic Competition, and more. Car Club Display Award. Gates open to the public at 9:00 AM Saturday and Sunday. General Admission is $15 for a 2-day Pass or $10 for Sunday only. For arriving early in Stowe Thursday offers the 'Basin Harbor Driving Tour.' For complete information visit Contact: Michael Gaetano - Event Coordinator. Phone: 508-395-6663. Email:
September 16-17, 2017 Arvada, (Denver) , CO. - 34th Colorado English Motoring Conclave
All British Car and Bike Meet, 'Ride The Rockies' Tour and Car Show email: Contact Gary George 303-477-0189 Over 500 vehicles, vendors and thousands of friendly people Visit the website for more information, including a downloadable registration form Contact: Rod Tomkins. Phone: 303-906-3193. Email: Website: www.thecoloradoconclave,com.
September 17, 2017 Lake City, PA. - Scions of Britain All British Car Gathering
All British car and motorcycle marques welcome. No admission fee for participants or spectators. Chinese auction, dash plaques for first 50 cars, concessions, 50/50. 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Lake City Community Park, 10204 West Lake Road, Lake City, PA, 16423. Contact: Richard Hall. Phone: 814-528-2894. Email: Website: None.
September 21-24, 2017 Young Harris, GA. - Mayhem in the Mountains
We're taking over the mountains for the SE Fall GOF. This year, we're excited to be heading our MG's back to the North Georgia Mountains, and our host hotel is the perfect location. With just 66 rooms, The Ridges Resort sits on the edge of Lake Chatuge and is just what you expect from a cozy mountain lodge. 'Mayhem in the Mountains' will be a celebration of all things Harvest, so be prepared for pumpkins, cool weather, and beautiful Fall drives. Contact: Beth Lowy. Phone: --. Email: Website:
September 30, 2017 Street, MD. - 38th Annual MG's on the Rocks
What was once just a gathering of a few local members for a picnic is now one of the premier annual events for all British car owners in the Mid Atlantic Region. Each year we have over 200 cars with MGs of all Models and 8 classes of other British Marques. Popular vote balloting by the car owners is from 10:00 until 1:00 and awards are given out about 3:00 p.m. Winners, chosen by car owner peers, receive awards at their cars as the crowd walks around the show field at the end. Things To Remember Pre-register! Awards are generally 3 per class, but may vary as pre-registration indicates. Contact: Richard Liddick. Phone: 410-817-6862. Email: Website:
October 6-7, 2017 Myrtle Beach, SC. - Britfest 2017
"Myrtle Beach Britfest 2017" Car Show will be held on Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017, at The Market Common, Myrtle Beach, SC. Come and enjoy a British car extravaganza and celebrate Octoberfest in the balmy warmth of autumn at the beach! More information and a registration flyer will become available at as the date nears. Contact: Rod Smith. Phone: 843-651-7644. Email: Website: .
October 6-7, 2017 Waynesboro, VA. - SVBCC 36th British Car Festival
British Car Festival is among the oldest of its kind and one of the few multi-day British car events on the east coast. Over 150 entrants from more than 10 states participate each year.Held in a wonderful park setting. We welcome all British marques and makes in all conditions. A show-quality car is not needed to share in the fun of this great event. Awards are based on voting by participants! Friday Evening Social Event; Saturdsy Car Show; Saturday Banquet; Contact: Michael FitzGeorge. Email: Website:
October 6, 2017 - October 8, 2017 North Falmouth, MA. - British Legends Weekend
British Legends Weekend event is centered from Sea Crest Beach Hotel on Buzzards Bay, North Falmouth, MA. Friday night Meet & Greet / Saturday morning costal road tour with tech sessions & seminars in afternoon / Beach BBQ Sat. night / Sunday car show with classes and awards with Jaguar as the featured marque. Pre registration required and limited to 130 classic British Cars. Blocks of rooms will be available in the resort hotel. Contact: Bill Scott. Phone: 508-896-9313. Email: . Website: www.c
October 12-15, 2017 Lake Guntersville Lodge, AL. - Austin Healey SouthEastern Classic 27
The Atlanta Healey Club proudly announces a return to Lake Guntersville in northern Alabama for SE Classic XXXI. We will host a Car Show at the Beach, Poker Run Rally, Gymkhana, Funkhana and other fun things to see or do. Brochure: southeastern-classic-std-2017-v8 Meet your Healey friends here October 12-15, 2017. We will have over 80 Healeys attend from as far west as Texas and as far north as Canada. Mark your calendars today. Lake Guntersville State Park is gorgeous in October. See you there! Contact: Charlie Moshell. Phone: 770-831-8669. Email: Website:
October 22, 2017 TBD, NJ. - North American Cecil Kimber Run
A British car tour on an all new route thru the beautiful Skylands region of northwestern NJ at the peak of the Fall Foliage season with a late lunch at the end. Celebrating the founder of the MG marque but open to ALL British vehicles classic and modern. Contact: Richard Miller. Phone: 908-713-6251. Email: Website:

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