Using the Clikadjust

Before using the Clikadjust, push a ½" drive socket, sized for the tappet adjustment lock-nut, onto the square drive just below the handle. Determine the valve to adjust as shown in 'Adjustment Using a Feeler Gauge'.

1. Push the socket wrench onto the lock-nut, and using the Clikadjust handle, slacken the lock-nut by turning counter clockwise.

2. Press the built-in screwdriver knob down gently and locate it in the slot of the adjustment screw. Turn the adjustment knob clockwise, and in doing so the adjustment screw also, until the screw bottoms and a loud click is heard as the clutch on the Clikadjust comes into action, preventing over-tightening.

3. Turn the Clikadjust screwdriver knob back counter clockwise, slowly counting the clicks until the correct number are heard.

4. Keeping the adjustment knob completely still, lock the adjustment by moving the handle clockwise until the lock-nut is tight.

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