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Gunson, part of the Tool Connection, supplies diagnostic test equipment and specializes in the performance and tuning of pre-electronic ignition engines. A selection of Automotive Diagnostic Tools, Engine Tuning, Battery Testers, Mulitimeters, Brakes, Tracking, Fault Code Readers, Timing Lights, Servicing Tools is shown below:

  • Multiple carburetor air balancer
  • Fits most carbs with air intakes of 12520.25 (57mm)
  • Can be used on any round or square intake carburetor
  • Gives accurate measurement of airflow into each carburetor
  • Easy to read scale that can be mounted vertically on any convenient projection near the carburetor
   Our Price $30.00
  • A unique test spark plug with a glass top that takes the guess work out of carburetor tuning
  • Allows you to precision tune for peak performance and economy
  • Supplied with a viewerscope for bright light conditions, and viewing in recessed engines
  • Other Colourtune Adapters in Stock -Email us for Information.
   Our Price $95.99 (Retail $109.99)
  • Micrometer tappet adjustment
  • Sets tappets on top adjustment systems more accurately than a feeler gauge
  • Compensates even if there is wear on the face of the tappet
  • All you have to do is provide a 1/2" drive socket to fit your vehicle's adjustment nut
   Our Price $110.00 (Retail $139.99)
Here is a great helping hand that you can use with the Clik-Adjust. What you will find on this really great link is information on WHY you should use the Clik-Adjust, HOW to use the Clik-Adjust and a detailed DATA CHART for using the Clik-Adjust. We are asking when you use the Clik-Adjust that you come back to this link and input your Data so the Chart can be updated for others can benefit from the information you have provided. This in turn will make using the Clik-Adjust a simple operation for all our LBC friends and customers. While you are at it, also have a look at Rick Astley's LBC Electrical website which you can find right on our LBCarCo links page. You will be amazed at all the information Rick as provided for our select community of enthusiasts.
  • One person operation
  • No pedal pumping
  • No air, dirt or moisture left in the system
  • Fits most world cars, vans etc. with screw type reservoirs
  • Multi-purpose cap may be required for non-screw type reservoirs ( bayonet) or awkward sized screw caps from 15mm up to 67mm
   Our Price $65.00 (Retail $79.99)
  • Fits reservoirs up to 67mm
  • Suitable for most non-screw reservoirs caps (bayonet) or awkward sized screw caps
  • Held in place with straps which pass under the reservoirs
   Our Price $30.00 Eezibleed 80mm Reservoir Cap (not pictured)

   Our Price $30.00 (Retail $39.95)

  • Used for testing and setting all carburetors
  • Helps keep exhaust emission as clean as possible
  • Very accurate when used with the full instructions
  • Efficiently collects exhaust gas and drains off condensed water
  • Operates from 12V
   Our Price $250.00 (Retail $349.95)
TRAKRITE (Camber gauge)
  • Magnetic gauge attaches to the hub or disc brake for accurate checking of the castor and camber angle.
  • Graduated from -3 degrees to +3 degrees this tool allows you to return the strut to the original camber position or to check the amount of camber change before re-installing.
  • The tool is as easy to read as a spirit level and saves expensive repair and down time.
  • Supplied in storage case.

   Our Price $60.00

TRAKRITE (Drive over wheel alignment gauge)
  • Quick no fuss way of checking alignment
  • Toe-in or Toe-out information not needed
  • Simple and very accurate
  • Suitable for cars and vans up to 1 ton per wheel
  • Ready to use straight from the pack

   Our Price $145.00 (Retail $209.99)


This, the simplest yet probably, the most accurate device on the market for checking the alignment of the adjustable wheels of cars or vans, is sold to professional fleet users, but is just as useful to private motorists.

Trakrite is a roller bearing platform over which one front wheel is slowly driven with the wheels in their straight ahead, i.e. least stressed position. The clear instructions explain.

Because of the roller bearings between the base and top plate of the Trakrite, any sideways stress between the tyre and the road surface will cause the top plate to move sideways. This movement is linked to a pointer which shows if adjustment is needed and in which direction.

It is not even necessary to know the toe-in or toe-out angle needed for the vehicle. If the correct angle is set there is no sideways stress between wheel and road, and the Trakrite will show this.

As a quick, no fuss method of checking wheel alignment Trakrite is an essential piece of maintenance equipment and a very accurate one.

For the private motorist, the professional user or the fleet operators, the fact that tests can be conducted in minutes on any level surface, means tyre wear can be avoided as even a daily check is feasible. Equally important, because the results are so clear and Trakrite is so simple to use, special training is not needed to conduct regular tests.

Make British car spares specialist LBCarCo your number one choice for Gunson electrical fault diagnosis and car tuning products such as Clik-Adjust, ColourTune, CarBalancer, Eezibleed and Exhaust Gas Tester.

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