Pertronix Ignitor Electronic Ignition and Coils

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We stock an extensive range of PerTronix Performance Products such as Ignitor, Electronic Ignition and Coils. Never change points again with the solid-state electronic ignitor system. We stock 6v and 12v specifically designed for all types of 356/912 distributors. Supplied with full fitting instructions.

Maximizes energy and reliability over the full RPM range 40,000 available volts.  Enables larger plug gaps for greater fuel efficiency, more power.  Delivers an average of 15% more spark energy and voltage.  Legal in all 50 states and Canada.  Fits existing brackets.  Oil Filled, available in chrome, stock black or epoxy version for racing.  Made in U.S.A

Think of it as an Ignitor with brains.

Millions have upgraded their point-type ignitions with the ignitor electronics module over the last 25 years, gaining horsepower quicker starting and longer plug life.
Ignitor II takes it a step further by adding a powerful new microcontroller, that controls the dwell period, for the best possible spark over the entire RPM range. Ignitor II offers enhanced performance levels only found in the more expensive "box type" ignition systems.
Ignitor II also shares the same features that make the current ignitor so popular. It fits entirely inside the distributor for a stock look, installs quickly and easily, and you'll never change or adjust points again.
Ignitor II allows the use of low resistance coils for high RPM performance. We recommend our new resistance (0.6 ohm) coil for use with your new ignitor II.
Don't forget the original ignitor is still available... and it's one of the world's great no brainers. See your dealer or call too-free.

Pertronix Ignitors and Flame Thrower 40,000 volt coils at the lowest prices

Solid-state breakerless electronic ignition system

  • Never change points again
  • Increased horsepower
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Fits entirely inside the distributor, with no "black box" to clutter engine compartment
  • Easy installation, no complicated wiring
  • Test results show the ignitor delivers twice the voltage to the spark plugs
  • No limits to coil and spark energy (spark energy is limited by the coil)
  • A 2:1 improvement over "point type" systems in current fall time
  • Stable timing with no need for periodic adjustments
  • Increase spark plug life by 2 to 3 times
  • No contacts to burn, pit and corrode
  • No moving and rubbing parts to wear out
  • better foul weather performance
  • Precisely engineered solid-state electronic ignition system
  • Electronics molded in epoxy for protection
  • Rotating cobalt magnets, mounted on the distributor shaft, trigger an electronic switching module (Hall effect integrated circuit)
  • Timing trigger that is not deteriorated by dirt, oil, grease and moisture
  • Compatible with all 12 volt negative ground systems over all typical operating conditions
  • System is designed for use with standard or heavy duty point-type coils
  • Guaranteed for 30 months
  • Compatible with MSD and Jacobs systems
  • 20+ year history of reliability

LBCarCo's Little Guide to Selecting a Coil

When selecting a coil for your LBC, normally, 4 and most 6 cylinder engines will use the 3.0 ohm coils. If you are going to be mostly racing with your 4 or 6 cylinder LBC then you may alternatively use the 1.5 ohm coil. For 8 cylinders you would always use the 1.5 ohm coil.

For ballasted systems use the 1.5 ohm coils regardless. (Ballasted systems were used on many 1975 and later LBC's) One way to determine if your system is ballasted is to see if you have a white wire with a light green tracer attached to the positive side of your coil. If you do you system is ballasted and order the 1.5 ohm coil. Non-ballasted systems normally will have a plain white wire attached to the positive side of the coil. For more information on LBC electrical LBC visit

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Make British car parts specialist LBCarCo your first choice for Petronix!

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